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There was good and bad associated with the California Gold Rush.

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But it was largely over by in terms of easy to find surface gold. The state drew more population, however, as there was a lot of money available on for new opportunities. This is a true example of the American dream at work. Comments Off on A History Lesson. I am no slave to household chores, not me. I would rather be working on my novel any time. While I am now an employed copywriter with plenty of free-lance jobs, I long to enter the big-time realm of published authors.

I do see my name on the Internet at the top of various articles while I also go incognito when writing for websites. I welcome any opportunity, but some clients are just so demanding. If I am not motivated by the topic, the work is tough. I have to wrack my brain, for example, to discuss the features and benefits of vacuums and compare brands like Bissel and Hoover.

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They are so well known and you end of stating the obvious. I insist on originality. We know these machines are well-made and fine-tuned. They help make your life more productive. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, you can attack dirt and dust in seconds. And there are all those great attachments. Which one has more? The Bissel has some and the Hoover has others, but they cover the territory equally well.

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After reading about vacuums for hours and hours on Facebook , I knew more than I cared to know. I was almost motivated to leave my work and start hunting on line for one of my own. However, I soon came to my senses and sought to get back to my novel. The funny thing is that when I delved in, I started putting odd imagery into the story. For some reason that I well understand , I added a vacuum to the plot.

The main character had a major breakdown and had to fix it himself. It was in thousands of pieces on the garage floor when his wife came home and saw the state of the appliance in horror. He tried and tried, using the old method of trial and error, but no luck. After a wasted day and a whopping headache, his wife shoved him aside and sent him into the house.

He promptly went into his man cave to sulk. Maybe he should have stayed inside. He saw that his wife had completed the job perfectly and that the vacuum was purring away, ready to work. It was a real blow to the ego for sure when he lost the bet. Next time he will remember to get out the manual. As a writer, you have your challenges. Of course, I do go on jags where I get inspired and a couple of chapters seem to flow naturally. Then you go back and make the characters more realistic as you flesh out the plot.

You read your notes, you fabricate incidents, and you make it plausible for readers to accept. Unless you are writing science fiction or fantasy. These genres have different requirements. I love researching about people to add flavor to my own characters. I decided to make one of them a woodworker so that he would have an artistic side.

The details of a book are what make it authentic so I delved into articles on tools and types of craft wood. I learned some terminology and even came up with a particular project for the character to work on. Then I would incorporate this into the plot, perhaps a murder mystery or a romance. Woodworking is a very skilled proposition. You must apprentice with a master to learn your craft.

The tools are tricky. You have to explain to readers about turning tools, cutters, scrapers and gouges. To make it more real for me as the writer I visited a woodworking shop called WoodworkNation. I had a good sense of the ambiance of a workshop. I could now describe the various kinds of wood lying about and the finished examples of beautiful crafts made for sale. The question is whether a murder would take place in the shop or with a wood implement.

After much reflection, I fixated on a table leg that was solid wood and thus rather heavy. It was a great way to conk the victim on the head and do him in. I am not trying to be funny. Many murder mysteries use things in the environment that are simply close at hand. The murder can be impromptu or premeditated. I had to decide. Now the issue was whether the woodworker was to be the killer or the slain.

Then I would add a colorful twist—some telltale blood so that the perpetrator could be caught. I was having fun concocting all the ins and outs of the murder plot. I was proud of one chapter that described the woodworker at his craft in colorful detail. I wanted readers to feel that they were really there. Good descriptions and actions can make or break the plot.

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They create the context that holds everything together. The mark of a great writer is to create visual images that bring the story alive. You also want an interesting character that others will care about. You will root for the protagonist or wish him ill depending upon how he is positioned. I hope you will enjoy my new masterpiece. Comments Off on Adding Depth to a Character. My fantasy is to finish my novel in my lifetime.

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  2. An Essay of the Impolicy of a Bounty on the Exportation of Grain; and on the Principles which ought to regulate the Commerce of Grain (With Active Table of Contents)!
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It has been taking a long time. Writers out there know of what I speak. It can be maddening. I often stay up late at night to finish a page or a chapter. Sometimes I get in a rut and retire for the night at a later and later hour. You can bet that it is hard to wake up in the morning. I can be exhausted even before I start my day. This is not a good pattern to be in. While I am trying to change my ways, and stop burning the midnight oil, I have purchased an alarm clock complete with a radio and morning lights to help me keep a schedule.

This is important for anyone—to establish a routine. Some writers limit their creative work to the afternoon for example. If you work in an office and are not at home most of the time, you will have to juggle your time. You can choose the brightness and go for sunrise simulation if you like.

You can choose among several colors that appeal to your mood. I am not proud of this epithet. My clock now takes care of me without fail. No matter. I am into my clock today and want to share my experience with others. A writer always has words at his immediate disposal. You can browse online and see some great deals on these innovative alarms or you can hint loudly to friends and family that you might appreciate one for your birthday.

I just treated myself. I know it is tough for most of us to get up after a long night that stretches into the wee hours. I hate to quit, however, when I am on a roll. It is not that I am socializing on Facebook or out and about with friends. Writers know that these streaks are few and far between. If I allow myself one or two late nights a week, I might actually finish this novel. Sometimes I put down a project and when I pick it up again, I have forgotten what it is all about.

Take a tip from me, you budding writers, that a routine is best. As a copywriter, I get all kinds of fun assignments. It is often a challenge and there are topics I prefer. When it comes to sports, I practically volunteer to do it for no charge. I want the opportunity to write about what I love.

Most sports appeal to me, but give me a basketball game any time. When I was a kid, I loved to play outdoors in the schoolyard. When I became a teen, it moved indoors into the gym. My heart is still in elementary school, however, when I first learned the game. There are so many kinds of shoes, many touted by famous players.

Popular styles come and go as fads. I had to try my hand at making this new product appealing to amateurs. There are more of them than professionals. The shoes feature an interesting type of tread. I will present this as a way to up your game. Everyone who plays wants to be better and not just fashionable. What else can I say? I got the idea of looking at various characters on TV crime shows and in books who get caught because of the unusual footprints their sneakers make. It is apparently easy to identify a particular brand, even of a basketball shoe.

There are many famous cases in real life that were solved by matching distinctive tread. Thieves and killers are literally stopped in their tracks by investigators with sharp eyes. I will concoct a great story for my new product. I will get customers involved in the mystery and uniqueness of shoe tread. I will make people listen. I am deep in thought on the subject of basketball shoes, especially those used outdoors. They are a different type than for a gym.

They have to be more durable as they take a beating from the asphalt. It is a lot different with a polished wood floor. People will buy the outdoor type for personal recreation so it is a larger market. This makes my work a little easier. I have hit on a couple of ideas: the iconic basketball shoe has a new soul get the pun. How about: new enhanced tread will become the new classic. What would make me buy another pair of sports shoes?

What would get you off the couch and online placing an order? When you write ad copy, it is all about the customer. You invade their world with your words and you hope they stick or at least make a good impression.

My ad campaign has been running and I am looking forward to hearing news. I hope my copy is effective and boosting sales. Only then will I be rehired for another round. When you introduce a new product, you must keep it out there in the marketplace until it becomes well known. Comments Off on Stop in Your Tracks. Forget the underdog, I love the antagonist in a story. The antagonist is actually the most important character. You can have a great, well-developed hero I am using the male form of hero only for naming purposes but you can substitute the word that fits your character best: heroine, pet, inanimate object, or anyother form your main character takes.

Nobody wants to read a book about a great person that nothing happens to and who has a wonderful life. Think about your own life: do you remember all the uneventful days that you get up, go to work, come home, and are completely uneventful? Are those the stories you tell around the water cooler or on a night out with friends? Or are you reliving that time you stood up to your boss, fixed something that seemed impossible to sort out, or took a chance and met somebody new?

Which story would you rather hear from someone else—an average day in their lives or that one time when they did something incredible? Your hero needs a struggle. Struggling is a fact of life regardless of who you are, and it can take many different forms. It can be a physical struggle, like climbing Mount Everest, or it can be an emotional struggle, like coping with a loss.

Your hero needs to change over the course of the story, discovering something about themselves that readers can identify with along the way. Something needs to happen to him, and that something is usually introduced by the antagonist. Not every antagonist is an evil villain. They can be regular people who simply challenge the hero to be something more, something better.

Some antagonists are not even people—it can be anything from an element of nature to a physical object or even a concept. Anything can be used to pit against your main character. An antagonist needs to be nearly as well, if not as well, fleshed out as the main character in order to be a believable foe. There is no suspense, no page-turning compulsion if the adversary is not worthy of your hero. Their motives can be revealed over time or at a single point along the way, but they need some kind of justification for going up against the main character in your tale.

As a way to move your plot forward, they deserve the same focus and dedication you spend on the other elements of your story. Your readers will thank you! Comments Off on The Antagonist.

  1. Observations on the religious delusions of insane persons, and on the practicability, safety, and expediency of imparting to them Christian instruction; ... medical and moral treatment. (1841).
  2. Dodger.
  3. Writer’s block.
  4. The Reality of Writing for Content Mills — 14 Writers’ True Stories.

One day the words pour out almost like a waterfall, but the next day everything is trapped behind a blockade. A dam is built, seemingly overnight, that prevents any meaningful writing. It can last for a few hours or several years. But a torrent of words will eventually come along to sweep the blockage away. You must do the thing you think you cannot: you have to write. Keep in mind that no one expects you to write The Next Great Novel at this point.

All you need to do is write something. It can be terrible, it can be the worst thing you have ever written. It does not matter. The point is to get the writing part of your brain active again. It may only be a small crack in the dam at first, a trickle of words. But those words will begin to have strength behind them and eventually they will break through the wall.

For some, it is a simple lack of direction.

5 Tips to Overcoming Writer's Block for Good! - Rap Tips

The sheer amount of possible topics overwhelms you and makes it difficult to start. To prevent this from happening, you can write down a list of everything kicking around in your head to see if anything sparks. Once you have your options laid out, you can narrow them down and move forward with the idea that inspires you most. Others are intimidated by the blank page or the white screen.

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Online Writing for Profit and Purpose: The Ultimate Writer's Block of Tips and Bits 1 [Karen Daniels] on Dancing Suns: Book 1 of the Zaddack Tales 2. . I am looking forward to other books that are deep dives in this "Tips and Bits" series. writers block of tips and bits 1 for bloggers authors and online writers you can make money writing online and make a difference this book will show you how.

Remind yourself that this is only the first draft and you can do as many of them as you want to get it right. There is another group of people whose story gets stalled for one reason or another.

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I remind myself of what happened when Stephen King was writing The Stand. There were too many people and too many things going on, and he almost abandoned the book. If I am really stuck, I will try a writing prompt right now I like the Wreck this Book series; not everything is a writing activity but it certainly gets my creative juices flowing to sort of help me along. My goal is never to get a certain amount of words or pages written on any given day; my goal has always been to write every day.

Some days I write a lot and other days it feels like pulling teeth. But writing for me is like a muscle—the more I use it, the better and strong I will become. I constantly self-edit. Every morning before I start writing, I re-read the last few chapters completed so far. I try to read my writing as objectively as possible. No line is spared. Even the words I am the proudest of are scrutinized. If you feel confident about your topic it will be easier to write about it and you will be less likely to experience writers block.

Try brainstorming new ideas or new avenues to explore your current idea. If you are writing a thriller brainstorm different roads to take, all novels, whether they are thrillers, romantic comedies, chick lit, have to have conflict in order to work, so brainstorm different conflicts, or what the story would be like without a character. Either way sit down one on one with your character and ask them some questions. Write down a list of things that you think your readers will want to know about the character and then ask away.

Pretend they are right there in the room with you, and hold on a conversation. Pretend you are a famous news anchor grilling your character on live television, and ask them all kinds of personal questions. You might be surprised what you learn from this character and how it will affect the overall story. Write it all down to, the questions the answers, and specifically who the character is so that if you decide to interview another character in the same story, or even another character somewhere down the line you can do so without having to worry about what to ask.

Reading can help you break through writers block, whether you read a magazine article, blog, website, or novel. No matter what you read it can help you get back on track with your own writing. It might bring up questions that you can explore with your writing, offer suggestions, or just get you to relax enough that the ideas start flowing again. No matter what, all of the experts agree that reading is one of the best ways to overcome writers block, so find something to read, even if you are re-reading your own work looking for new inspiration.

If you have friends and colleagues that like to write discussing your ideas with them can help you brainstorm. Avoiding negativity is very important when it comes to pushing through writers block. Whether you are doing mind exercises or physical exercises, doing simple exercises can relax you and get you back on track. So get up stretch your body, go through some simple physical exercise that will get you limbered up and feeling more alert, and then do the same thing with your mind.

Play around with brain teasers, and mind exercises. While not all of these tips work on everyone, at least one of them should work for you. If not spend some time thinking about ways that do work, then write them down and post the tips somewhere near your computer so that whenever you experience writers block you will know how to get through it. Remember the most important thing of all is that every single writer, whether they are famous or not, has been right where you are now, and it is so important to not give up.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content The power of facing down a piece of white paper belongs to you. Could you be doing more? I have to live well to write well. And so do you! Top Tips to Push Past Writers Block By Rachel Lynn Robinson If you have been staring at a blank screen, with the next American best seller right there on the tip of your fingers and yet you cannot figure out how to bring it out, you might have writers block.

Set reasonable Goals Think about your writing goals, if you want to get your first novel finished in a year then you are going to want set some reasonable goals for getting your novel finished. Take a break If you are sitting there staring at the blank screen get up, walk around. Do some research Another reason that you might be facing writers block is that you simply do not know enough about the topic you are writing about.

Brainstorm Try brainstorming new ideas or new avenues to explore your current idea. Read something new Reading can help you break through writers block, whether you read a magazine article, blog, website, or novel.