How to Look Young and Beautiful Forever

How to Keep Hands Looking Young Forever
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Shorter telomeres are associated with accelerated aging. The changes were the equivalent of being nine years older than their biological age. Brighten your skin with science-backed products. Free radicals are like tiny little missiles that damage the collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and smooth, Bowe explains. UV rays, pollution, and cigarette smoke are the main sources of free radical damage to the skin.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, so Bowe recommends applying a skin serum with antioxidants underneath your sunscreen in the morning and again before bed. Niacinamide vitamin B3 , kojic acid, and vitamin C are other compounds added to some skin serums and lotions that have been shown to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone. Eat enough ….

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  2. How to live forever: Tech that will keep you young and beautiful.
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A number of studies in various animal species have shown that reducing calories to near-starvation levels increases lifespan. The catch: The approach is far from proven. And obesity shortens lifespan by a full six to seven years. Obesity is closely related to heart disease and diabetes, which explains part of the decrease in lifespan.

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But new research is showing that extra fat itself may have destructive effects on the body. James: Sorry Donald, but loudly proclaiming you did nothing wrong doesn't make it so. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us.

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Amy Rushlow. Senior Editor. View photos. Eat enough … A number of studies in various animal species have shown that reducing calories to near-starvation levels increases lifespan.

They drink plenty of water.

What to Read Next. Yahoo Lifestyle. Alcohol causes blood vessels in the face to dilate, and drinking too much has the potential to make these effects permanent, resulting in an unpleasant flushed appearance and red, spidery veins — never good if you want to look younger. Start your daily skin care routine with a gently exfoliating cleanser. Apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin, allowing it to stay firm and elastic and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

A Q&A with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Aging skin results from a combination of biological and environmental factors. Supplements can also help you feel younger by boosting energy levels , improving mood and immune function, and fighting inflammation.

How to look younger than your age

As we age, facial volume decreases due to loss of fat, bone density and muscle, making lines and wrinkles more obvious. Repetitive facial expressions can also cause deep frown lines Hello, 11s and forehead lines! In addition, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries and acne scars can become more prominent with age. A number of non-invasive professional treatments are available to address these concerns and help you stay young looking longer.

Remember, good health inside is visible on the outside. However, some things like genes and time can be out of our control, despite our best efforts. Why be afraid to get a little help looking good and feeling good about it?

25 Foods That'll Keep You Young Forever | Best Life

Your body needs a ready supply of protein available to build new collagen and elastin. Just aim to eat a small amount of high-quality protein at every meal, like nonfat plain Greek yogurt at breakfast, beans or peas at lunch, a whey protein shake for a mid-day boost, and lean poultry or fish at dinner.

Women's Secrets to Looking Half Their Age

Not all fat is bad — Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish, nuts, and seeds have been associated with slowing a key biological process known as telomere shortening that results in tissue damage and visible signs of aging. And a study found an association between increased Omega-3 intake and decreased senile dryness and skin atrophy in middle-aged American women. In addition, Omega-3s offer numerous anti-aging benefits including protecting skin from damage by increasing its resistance to UV light, protecting it from harmful free-radicals, helping block the release of enzymes that break down collagen, and reducing silent inflammation by moderating the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory chemical messengers in the body called prostaglandins.

Staying young means stressing less.

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Follow 10 expert age-erasers to learn how to stay young—boosting brain power, The Best Vitamin C Skin-Care Products for Brighter, Younger-Looking Skin. Dr. Sara Gottfried, our go-to expert for all over-forty health concerns, explains the secret to looking younger and why aging gets a bad rap that isn't deserved.

Set aside a small chunk of time every day, about minutes, to relax, meditate, or just breathe deeply, while letting worries melt away and helping yourself look younger naturally. A long list of studies have found that stress , including conditions such as untreated depression, social isolation, and anxiety can speed up cellular aging ; stress shortens essential DNA components called telomeres which are linked to overall health, lifespan, and individual aging rate, and when they become too short, cells can no longer reproduce, causing tissues to degenerate and die.

Eating fewer calories has been linked to longer lifespan. And other studies have shown that exercising and restricting calories lowers production of a thyroid hormone called T3, slowing metabolism and helping slow the aging process. Keep fit with puzzles, Sudoku, learning new languages or skills, or playing an instrument — whatever gets your brain going.

Science-Backed Ways To Stay Young Forever (Or As Long As Possible, Anyway)

Maintaining a healthy weight is key to looking and feeling younger, so get rid of that fat around the middle. Middle age spread is real — that accumulation of visceral fat is not just a sign of aging but can nearly triple the risk of developing dementia. Being overweight can also shorten lifespan by up to seven years, as well as put you at risk of developing other conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which increase mortality risk. Sleeping more means staying young!


The combo makes for a tasty, Mediterranean-inspired dish. It makes my life so much easier. Imagine small robots in your body that move from place to place , fixing damaged cells and reporting on the state of your body. This is the new smart way to wear a sari. Just adding more blueberries to your diet can help.

And not getting enough sleep promotes brain tissue loss, affecting learning and memory. The way you sleep can affect the way wrinkles develop on your face. Sleeping on your back instead of on your stomach or sides alleviates pressure on the face, helping to prevent these wrinkles. Having a partner in life, whether a spouse or even a companion animal , can have a positive effect on aging. Both can help lower stress, improve brain function, boost immunity and mood, and help us live longer. Consider it a testament to the power of love!

Mind wins over matter when it comes to aging, because studies show that people who thrive in old age think younger. In fact, having a positive self-perception of aging can mean up to an additional 7. David H. Rahm, M. Rahm is also president and medical director of VitaMedica. Rahm is one of a select group of conventional medical doctors who have education and expertise in functional medicine and nutritional science.