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Hi I just purchased mine yesterday morning. Excited to start using it soon. Hi Berki! I just purchased the program and received an email but when I click on the link it says I do not have permission to download.

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Your email address will not be published. You may also enjoy:. How to Reach Your Fitness Goals. Previous Post 25 Winter Outfits. Megan Author. Dana Longwell. Congratulations on this! I saw you two up all night working in your stories….. Congratulations on finishing this project — what an accomplishment! Jane Flynn. You should be so proud of yourself. So good to see your passion come to life.

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Thank you so very much Jane! I do feel very proud of this guide! I love how it came together! Cynthia Zalewsky.

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Hello, I also purchased your guide this morning and have not yet received it. Thank You! Dabney Morris. Thanks, Renata. Berki Gonzalez. Thank you. I apologize just realize my message got post twice. Hi Abby! When she was a student, her grandfather died from cancer months after he retired; later, she watched her mother care for her grandmother, who lived with dementia and crippling rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 30 years. But by then I had four young children and there was precious little time for my own health.

Together, Saunders and Streets started researching the latest science on how to have a healthier, happier old age and how to apply it to their own lives, and blogged about their findings for five years. Their Age Well Project has now been published as a book , compiling almost shortcuts to health in mid- and later life — and Streets and Saunders, who are both in their 50s, say they have never been in better health. We started our project to age well by compiling ancestral health trees, listing any known illnesses in old age and the causes of mortality and ages at death of as many direct ancestors as possible.

We did DNA tests, built records of our blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and vitamin D levels, and took note of our BMI and waist-to-hip ratio to devise more personalised ageing plans. Drinking coffee has also been linked to reduced risks for several cancers , heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Walking is good, but pace matters. Brisk walking has been linked to better memory, better health and a longer life. Increase your pace until you are slightly out of breath or sweaty and aim for 30 minutes a day, ideally outdoors to get the additional benefits of vitamin D and light.

New research suggests that those walking first thing in the morning also make better decisions during the day, so consider swapping your morning commute for a robust walk.

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Trees produce phytoncides which help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost immunity. The microbes in forest soil have been found to reduce depression and may contribute to the health of our microbiome.

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A minute walk is all it takes to reap the benefits, but researchers have found that a weekend in the woods improves immunity for up to a month, while a short afternoon run or walk somewhere green means better sleep at night. Our bodies have adapted to go without food for short periods — the surprise has been discovering how beneficial this is for many of us.

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Omnivore Entomophagy Pescetarian Plant-based. Our home plans demonstrate our commitment to our customers by showcasing outstanding new home construction and a dedication to excellence in homebuilding. Well, this is one of those examples — and I promise it's more than just needless noise! Becoming more active can energize your mood, relieve stress, help you manage symptoms of illness and pain, and improve your overall sense of well-being. Who We Are. LaLanne presented fitness and exercise advice on television for 34 years.

There are several forms of fasting and it is important to find one that suits your lifestyle. We like the extended overnight fast of hours, which has been found to improve gut health, but was also followed by our distant forebears, who typically ate supper at sundown, rarely snacked, and then ate mid-morning the following day.

Experts believe resistance training is as important for ageing as aerobic exercise, eating vegetables and sleeping well. Recent research found that older adults who did twice-weekly strength training lived longer and with less illness than those who did none. We like rowing and weight-training for efficiency; we also keep pairs of weights near the kettle and the TV and lift them if we have a few minutes to spare.

Although reading is sedentary and solitary, frequent reading has been linked to longer, healthier life. A Yale study of 3, overs found that reading increased longevity by almost two years; readers of books outlived readers of newspapers and magazines. While those who read for more than 3. Meanwhile, every expert seems to recommend reading as a means of getting to sleep. While many of us dream of a golden age of retirement, a study found that people who worked longer lived longer, a fact reflected in earlier longitudinal studies that found correlations between retirement and poor health. Researchers speculate that this is because working usually involves social interaction, movement and a sense of purpose.

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Several studies have linked retirement with loneliness and depression. But working long hours year after year is not the answer either. Research shows that from mid-life onwards, the sweet spot for health and longevity is working at a less intense pace and perhaps for fewer hours. Old brains are just as equipped to build new neurons and synapses as young ones.

But this process works best when we repeatedly force ourselves to learn new things. The brain loves novelty: crafts, games, even cooking from a new recipe, all trigger the creation of neurons, but the more complex and more difficult the new activity is, the greater the rewards. Choose something that also involves social interaction and a bit of movement, such as singing.

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Best of all, try learning complex new dance moves. Of course, everyone is a bit different, and you can play around with that formula to fit your needs. But it's a good starting block for a diet that will keep you fighting into later life. S eems trite, but it's true.

The antioxidants alone will play a huge role in how well you age, as they help to battle damage from free radicals and oxidative stress. An increased intake will fortify your immune system, making you more resilient to illness and disease.

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Fit at Fifty Five --Your guide to a healthier life eBook: Sweetie Pye: au: Kindle Store. 9 Scientific Secrets to Healthy Aging. Keep Your Body and Spirit Young. 5 Surprising Health Challenges of Aging. Ways for Women Over 50 to.

M icronutrients sounds like a complicated word, but realistically they're already a natural part of your diet, present in all well, most of the foods you eat. However, as the body depends heavily on micronutrients like calcium, vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium and omega 3s, it's worth checking that you're not suffering from a deficiency.

Never heard of it? You're not alone. But a deficiency in this trace mineral, although rare, has been linked to impaired immune function, recurrent miscarriages, hypothyroidism, extreme fatigue, and low testosterone in men. Remember when I said we could get more complicated about diet in point seven? Well, this is one of those examples — and I promise it's more than just needless noise!

F odmap foods are certain types of carbohydrates that cause a significant amount of abdominal distress for many people. Over 4 million people in the UK regularly suffer with IBS, and your chances of being affected increase as you get older. Reducing your instances of Fodmap foods and finding alternatives should help to alleviate abdominal bloating and indigestion. Inflammatory foods are foods that in many people create a swelling in the stomach. The body treats this inflammation as an immune response, expending energy to counteract it and lowering your immune function. Inflammatory foods that should be minimised include:.

For example, as you get older, your liver might struggle to clean your blood of alcohol with the same efficiency of its more youthful days. S o, don't stop drinking, but do drink with careful moderation. This is normal — those joints have been in use for a while now — and not something to freak out about in itself. However, heavy training, especially hard endurance work like running, can exacerbate things, so it's an idea to focus instead on shorter, sharper training sessions.

In terms of nutrition, consider a couple of useful supplements — glucosamine and collagen — which can both work to slow and even reverse joint degeneration. On thing you'll notice as the years roll on on is that your stomach is a little less versatile than it used to be.

We're only at the very early stages of understanding the implications of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, but studies have already linked the billions of gut bacteria that live inside us all to issues as far reaching as obesity, diabetes and depression. H ere are some simple tips you can apply at any age to improve your gut health pretty easily:.

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Slowly, we're coming around to the fact that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical fitness in terms of our overall health. Remember that no training plan or diet is going to be completely effective if you are in a bad place mentally and emotionally. H ere are some easy rules to live by for a healthy mind Just five minutes of sitting or lying while trying to calm your mind will help. Your stress levels will drop, your brain will breathe, you'll come out the other end more robust and ready to deal with challenges.

We are social creatures and whether extroverted or introverted, investing time and effort into our close social ties is crucial to our ongoing mental health.

Of course, it's easy to let old friends slide as you hit mid life, with the time pressures of family and work at the fore. But there's good evidence that our social ties are among the biggest determinant of our long term health. In fact, earlier this year a Harvard study found that the quality of our close relationships, be they community, social or romantic were often a greater predictor of our health in our older years than certain genetic and lifestyle factors that would commonly be thought of as the greatest predictors of health.

T he study also found that social support helped protect both body and brain, helping to offset cognitive decline. Finally, having a goal to work towards can do you the word of good. Why not start now by picking just one point from the above and trying to work it into your life? There's no time like the present!