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Your approach to the understanding of BDSM is a disgrace. We take a lot of pride and care in how we exercise our lifestyle, we support and care for each other, we run workshops on the correct methods of inflicting pain without injury. We do NOT abuse the gift of submission. As a medical professional who is clearly not kink aware and to purport to be a specialist in the understanding of it you are a disgrace. I sincerely hope that a genuine submissive or masochist never enters your practice because the advice you would give them would be detrimental to their safety and their mental health.

Truly educate yourself before you give advice, we are a accepting community and most of us would love the opportunity to show you how wrong you are provided you can show up with a open mind. Or Hannibal? Game of Thrones? Healing from the abusive stage; because, like you Doctor, regular people can heal others too, even without a degree. So incredibly and beautifully said. I applaud you for your honesty and integrity and telling the truth about what you see. So where does that leave the people who enjoy these sorts of fantasies about being dominated and controlled? All the women who enjoyed the book or even before the book had these thoughts.

Are they all psychologically damaged? You are talking about 50 shades of grey, I am guessing because of the popularity the books an the movie have gained ever since the publication. My point is, the books are fiction and the movie is just that, a movie. I believe that the only reason anyone would get the message that the relationship between Christian and Anna is something healthy and something to actually look for is because they are not educated properly. TV, the internet, Hollywood, they give shows that entertain, that are provocative in order to gaine money, earn a paycheck if you please.

A child has to be educated properly from the begining in order to be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is for entertainment only, what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong. What kind of message does this send? I have read the books and I have seen the movie. They are provocative, entertaining, hot. But I know the difference between a movie fiction and reality.

And frankly any girl who thinks like that is plain stupid. Women were forced into that place by men not so long ago when their only job was to get married, clean, cook and look after the kids. I understand why you felt the need to write this letter. But since I have found only one for this particular book series and movie I will tell you this : you should write such a letter for every book, avery movie and every TV show that sends the wrong message to teenagers.

Because now it looks like you are attacking 50 shades as a personal vendeta. I would really like to live in a world where people whould stop judging each other and instead start judging themselves. She dreams about wedding gowns, not handcuffs. For one as a psychologically healthy women I do NOT dream of wedding gowns. As a psychologically healthy women, I DO enjoy bdsm. If you could please make the clear distinction that the book is nothing like the bdsm world that may be helpful. As a grandmother, who read all three of the books, I agree it will put our vulnerable youth, on the road of self destruction.

Not even to think of the degree of living standards. In the real world boy or girl may realy set their goals upon. Wich will be acomplete misfortune without realisation. I completely disagree. In fact, in reality the submissive in a dominant-submissive relationship actually has the upper hand. They are the ones that can put an end to what is going on with one word.

He never actually hurts Ana in any way. You are missing the point of the story. It is not about abuse, it is about love. It is not for teenagers, but for women and men that are mature enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. Ana holds all of the power in this book. She can walk away at any time. I will teach my daughter to be a strong woman. Hopefully, she will be smart enough to see that some things in the media are not real life but for entertainment.

We have to teach girls that they are powerful. I think we should take this book for what it is…a romance, and move on with our lives. How can you judge her when you have not read the story yourself. Get past all the sex, and it was a romance.

Fifty Shades of Grey (3/10) Movie CLIP - Enlighten Me (2015) HD

For the record, I too liked the story and have a very good marriage. I think people just need to settle down. Dear Dr. Grossman, Thank you for putting into perspective and truth the words to explain, understand and share an honest, educated view of just what? A friend of mine posted yesterday, your letter on facebook to get conversation going.

I found your letter valid and credible and most of all, necessary to share. I copied, pasted, shared and continue to on every feed I follow on my facebook page, as this is the uttermost top trending story, possibly of all time thus far! Not having An education as far as you, no doctrine, nor, for that matter a degree. I am grateful for your letter. Having this valuable tool to share has revealed some interesting and sadly disturbing observations. I have two daughters that are in their mid to upper 30s. They, along with their friends and women that have negatively responded on my feed, seeing nothing wrong with the 50 Shades books or movie.

For the MOST part, these women all seem to be between the ages of range. MANY, also attacked me, as if I had written your letter. I wish! Being a Christian myself, I find it most difficult to bite my tongue and refuse to be drudged through the dirt, defending my values and conviction. Which sadly and largely is part of the rotting decay and hell bent destruction our world seems to be in.

Unfortunately, this demographic seems to have unleashed some unworldly power over many. They are our sons and daughters. Very frightening. The very future of this country, of the world! My youngest daughter and I see nothing the same. She and I are exact polar opposites. We disagree about everything! We argue about the Illuminati, something until , I was unaware of. She is even the one that told me about them. The subject baited my curiosity and encouraged me to do my own research. After much research and educating myself with any available information, I come to my own conclusion.

Once again, she and I do not agree. When visiting her one day, in the recent past.

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My grandson, now 14, but at the time still 13; came downstairs to tell me goodbye. For the past 3 years he has become extremely anti-social. He, by the way is, to look at him the most sweetly innocent and non threatening boy there is. All of which are for 18 and older, R rated, parental guidance recommended. I was horrified!

I made the mistake of saying something to my daughter about the shirt. She told me, I was ridiculous and that the Illuminati was not real. The only thing I can do now is pray and I will continue to pray. Their children, however, are not! They believe they are better parents and we, as their parents failed miserably and they are out to prove it.

The grandchildren are given anything and everything they want. There are no boundaries, no limits and most of all, no regard for any damage that will unfold from this freedom and liberties afforded to all of them. I realize, not everyone is onboard with this behavior. But if it continues with the way things are, it is inevitable. Thank you for posting your letter and allowing everyone and anyone to share. I pray we are NOT in our final days. Again thank you and God bless you! Respectfully yours, Linda Life. Firstly, They all paint Christian to be the bad guy and conveniently assume that most guys if not all who are exposed to this movie will have inklings of desire to become like him.

EL james sold mil books. Instead what scares me is how so many women love and are a fan of this series. That means women themselves want to receive abuse even though men want to love them! The number one reason for divorce in the states was because the wife got bored of monogamy. I feel this novelty can add spice to the lives of couples and prevent the so called boredom of monogamy by the wife. Thank you, Dr. How can I send this by email and on facebook?

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I have to ask, have you even read any of the books, or about the lifestyle. If so you would know that half of your logic is flawed. You say she wants to feel safe by a man she trusts, well this lifestyle is all based on trust, each partner puts their trust in the other. Women can also be in the domineering position as shown by the Mrs Robinson character. You refer to the fact that anastacia is weak and is overpowered, yet at the end of the book, she says no and walks away.

I think you should go back and re-examine what you have written and approach this from a non biased point of view, and read the whole series of the books and understand what is going on. To assume that mature individuals will think that this movie is a realistic portrayal of a healthy, adult relationship is also flawed.

This is so good! Miriam, this article paints you as an extremist.

Fifty Shades of Grey movie: The record-breaking phenomenon in numbers | The Independent

The movie and books do tell the story of a disturbed man who wants to foster an abusive relationship with an insecure naive young woman. Fictional entertainment. Who wants to go to the movies to see reality? Stories such as these are intended to allow us to fantasize about unrealistic yet satisfying endings. There are a zillion other examples in the overly popular Harloquin Romance novels. I find it extremely difficult to believe that young women are being swayed to make horrible life altering choices by something as benign as a fantasy flick…even one such as this.

But your use of this movie to further that cause is off base. The least of which has anything to do with abuse or sex. I find it interesting that the people I know who refuse to see the movie are pre-judging it negatively based on some preconceived notion that it is nothing more than an abuse riddled porn flick. The reality of that notion is simply…fantasy. But was thinking of seeing the movie, but changed my mind.

Besides being wrong on some facts your analysis is flawed. I also work in the field of damaged people. My guess is that most of them will be turned off not on by this movie. It is not an erotic movie. No one needs to see this movie but what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home should not be feared. However, I object to your analysis of what a healthy adult is and what a healthy relationship is. First of all, mature adults are fully capable of having a relationship that is monogamous, healthy, and STD free without being married.

They talk about the activities ahead of time and make sure each person is comfortable with what is planned, establishing boundaries and safe words. It may seem like I am advocating for this book and Christisn and Ana…I most definitely am not…they do have a messed up relationship. I am just disappointed that you did not write a scientific, objective article as your profession should have taught you too.

The movie is what it is.. So it is like all of the others, for entertainment. If you have taken the time to read these books you would know that Christian freely admits he has intimacy issues which,I might add, Anna helps him over come. Their sexual relationship evolves dramatically over the series from strict BDSM to a more intimate, supportive experience. But even at the first Christian struggles with bringing Anna into his world. The biggest problem young people have with love and sex today are that their role midels are on the silver screen. Wake up people!

Explained the dangers of such an abusive relationship. Her happiness is of my utmost concern. I cherish her. I just wish that so many of the young ones today could experience what I have had and experienced over my wonderful married years. This is an excellent letter.

Thank you for publishing it for all to read and pass on. I do want to make one point. I believe emotionally healthy adults can read these books and watch this movie without condoning this behavior, believing this is normal, or having fantasies along these lines. Grossman has written in her letter to young people, and I will share it with my 19 year old daughter, but I do worry about people judging others who enjoy fiction and can separate it from reality.

All that being said, I think young women and girls today are extremely vulnerable to this type of emotional and physical abuse and just as Dr. Grossman has done, I believe we have a responsibility to communicate the message about violence in relationships to young and old alike, that it is NOT ok, and that this movie is totally fiction.

So you end up contradicting your own arguments right there. But your intent is well meaning. This is so often why the abused remain or go back to the abuser. And it is a huge psychological illness. This is the biggest piece of fantasy in this film and what needs to be pointed out to everyone who is attracted to seeing it. Just my HO…take it for what you paid for it! Thank you very much for your analysis. I was under the impression that i am the only one against this disgusting movie.

This book was written for entertainment purposes. The movie was made because the book was an excellent read and sold so rapidly. They were just for entertainment. I read the book and it was amazing. Just my point of view. I agree with Lynn McDougal that the most dangerous message of the book series as a collective, not just the first book is the delusion that you can change someone through love, no matter how damaged they are. A few months ago, a friend of mine was murdered by her abusive boyfriend.

She tried to get away from him several times, but was always sucked back in because he was troubled and she thought she could somehow save him. That does not make her stupid or naive, in my opinion. She had a very caring nature and just wanted to make a difference in the world, even if it was just helping this one person. And, she finally realized that she could not help him and tried to get away. That is when he hunted her down, broke down her locked door, strangled her, then dumped her body in a bayou.

If you feel the need to address young people with a warning, that should be what you concentrate on. You are clearly spewing opinion to the masses rather than our medical model. This movie is about someone who would be diagnosed dysfunctional. Clearly you should know this by reading the new DSM Clearly you seem to be consumed by some sort of hatred toward people who can function in this sexual idea.

If people can function with sex in this manner then they are not dysfunctional. That is a fact. Read your DSM before posting silly opinions. Was there love involved because one or both side is so psychologically damaged that they decide to stay with the person? Grossman you need to become familiar with the DSM-5 and stop spewing opinion to the masses rather than our medical manual. I agree. The male role needs therapy and the female needs more self respect. BDSM is never a normal thing. Meriam, you did pointed out the exact things about this Hollywood thing.

BDSM is not experiment, it is in fact a mental illness that people thought is just a normal thing, something fun. Alfred Bandura once experimented violence and aggression among kids who are exposed in media that shows the latter. Please be advised that we want our generation and the next generations to do the right thing, to have better judgment, a healthy mindset. This movie is not one to over-think. It is a fantasy. My biggest concern was the instant gratification Ana portrayed from her first virginal experience. I felt obliged to tell the teenager next to me, good sex takes time … lots of time.

Many women are prioritizing careers and self-sufficiency, whether or not they are married or want to be, so your wording feels reductive and patronizing. I think it is important to promote healthy relationships, but without demonizing those who experiment with their sexuality or choose nontraditional relationship styles. It is inaccurate to claim that women with kinks, or those who have sex without marriage are unhealthy psychologically and such notions have historically been destructive to the freedom and overall wellbeing of women.

As western women we are appaled when women are abused in retrograde, barbaric patriarchal third world cultures. We would be raising our voices if a man in Taliban gear would be flogging a woman, yet the women fans of 50 shades of Grey are excited and fascinated when a rich man in an Armani suit flogs his girlfriend with a belt, money and good looks do not make the abuse less cruel or violent. As women, we need to take a stand agaist violence and abuse of women in western popular culture when it glamorizes and normalizes the abuse.

Fifty Shades of Grey protests escalate

I have four boys and in no way are the things that the book or movie portay what my husband and I are to teach our boys. This speaks volumes for not just girls but boys as well. I agree with nearly everything you wrote. I read most of the book, fully avare of what I will find. Still, there are a few things that I feel I must mention.

See a Problem?

Editorial Reviews. Review. "Funny and enjoyable. I highly recommend it to everyone." - Gina Book 3 of 3 in Fifty Shades of Silver Series. Fifty Shades of Silver Series book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. From Book 1: A parody. Book #1. When old fart blogger Mormon.

This is simply a possessive and abusive guy manipulating a girl blinded by love to do everything he wants. However it is not okay for a psychiatrist to have prejudices. That can lead to great problems for those that go to her for help. Thanks for listening to my rantings. Reading your letter I sincerely doubt you have nor read the books neither seen the movie. It is obvious for your comments starting at 4. No alcohol was pushed on anybody, on the contrary.

At the end of this movie, at least, Ana did not cure any emotional problems that Christian may have. She confused him more if anything. You imply that only monogamous married people can experiment with sexuality. In what century do you live?!?!

Fifty Shades of Silver Series (3 Book Series)

There are countless happy unmarried couples who have formed families as are unhappy ones I am sure. But most important of all, this is a movie based on a series of fictional books. The entire country, if not the world, embraced them to the point that they became the 1 bestsellers. Why now? Just to get some needed notoriety?!? I wonder! Did you read all 3 books or just a synopsis of the movie?

BDSM has existed for hundreds of years. They simply took a popular a book and made a movie. It happens all the time. If you read the book you would be able to discern between erotic consensual physical stimulation and abuse. Christian may need help and he does have a shrink, by the way and Ana may be misguided and young, but the bottom line is she likes what he does. She is an adult. There was no pressure put on her. She had ample time and space to review her contract and decide for herself.

Not a parent but I understand the concern a mother would have. As a writer though it does scare me that a psychologist puts her opinion to fiction and relates it to fact. If we censored creativity it would put us back many years. Knowing the difference between right and wrong should not change our ability to make up a story. I have written far worse characters than Christian Grey. Just like Aliens the movie. Thank you for sharing this information. Notice it does not say force your style or preferences on other women and their relationships. Alcohol is bad for you.

It is legal. As it applies to young people who have yet to experience deep, committed, loving relationships that include sex, I agree that they should not go see this movie under any circumstances.


Subscription offers. Cancel Post. Steve Coogan. To ram home the point, the ad features an image of a tongue dressed up in bondage gear and chained to a wall ready for its next whipping. You can't escape Fifty Shades of Grey at the moment as its promotional machine has been gearing up for the film's release this weekend. Look, if you're gonna date a guy with a sex dungeon, you really need to get your butt stuff figured out.

However, to trash the movie in general is prudish at best. This movie, in my opinion, is a nothing more than a bit of exciting fantasy for most of the women who bought and read the series of books. Healthy, well adjusted women and men see this for what it is. BDSM is not something that is a rampant threat to young women.

How about coming out just as hard against some of the music and personalities involved in this moral cesspool? Your test is absolutely shallow, as shallow as the drugs you most likely prescribe. Pain is unavoidable in life, might as well choose some that you like to live with. And your presumptions about what men and women WANT are the exact reason why there stupid movies and books exist; they are shallow and biased.

In fact many people like myself in the BDSM lifestyle are very psychologically healthy. Stop being so ignorant. I would love to see the research behind your conclusion that BDSM is a mental illness. I apologize if people are just waking up and starting to talk about sex, but BDSM has been around for ages, like other taboo sexual lifestyles.


Maybe my generation is more open to the conversations about the differences between sex, love and lifestyle. Lack of information only inhibits good decision making. Where to start? It is apparent that of those three qualifications, you have all but three. So in the spirit of education,let me help you out. First please do not counsel people on this issue; you are not capable and will damage them…sincerely… quit talking of that which you know nothing; it can do great harm.

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for 35 years as a male dominant. I have been happily married for 26 years of it to a fully self actualized, high IQ, self empowered submissive woman who was so angered by your insulting depiction of submissive women that she outed herself on facebook so she could post messages to correct your ignorant rants.

I am just helping her out by doing the same here. The magnitude of your incorrectness on this issue is galactic in scale! Anyway I am not her to insult but to educate so lets get to it! He is a failed frat boy with a whip not a skilled dominant. He is working out personal issues and that imperative stops him from being a sensual and competent partner to the naive young Anastasia Steele. Shame on you! Please do not continue to wave your degree around proclaiming us ill and intimating there is some clinical basis for your rants. The current scientific understanding of our lifestyle is far evolved from your Victorian and puritanical assessment and for good reason; we are safe, sane and consentual members of a very special community not a bunch of abusers and doormats as you seem to think.

You will probably never know the pure bliss of sub-space the euphoria the submissive feels from her journey or the rush of topping someone to that point of ecstacy but just because you cannot understand it does not make you right to opine about it without first having a thorough understanding of the subject! Third to your agenda; Science and psychology do not care about your religious beliefs and they are inappropriate in a clinical setting. If you are going to speak as a physician then stick to science without superstition.

If you want to speak from your religious position please refrain from conflating it with your degree in an attempt to conflate some scientific credibility onto your religious views. As it stands you do more harm than good promoting this backward agenda that flies in the face of science. I pity your patients! Perhaps that is a splendid idea. With facts. The books are poorly written with lots of sex to sell books. They are not violent, and he does not hurt her. All kind of silly. The one time he hits her hard, she leaves him, and he is devastated.

She tells him later to never, ever hurt her, or hit her like that again.

Honest Trailer - Fifty Shades of Grey

And she is serious. The rest is meant to titular, but is almost comical. The main reason women like the books is not the sex. Christian is totally in love with Ana. He is loyal and faithful to her and does not care about other woman. Plus he is a millionaire and gives her cars , clothes, whatever she wants. Woman want a man who loves them that hard, that exclusive. It is a romantic story. With repetitve silly sex thrown in to fill the books.

This is a nice one. Many watch these movies and get immersed in these fairy tale books and expect them to happen just the same way in real life. Its well with you! Omg well obviously you have read the books to know what it is all about and it really annoys me that people just criticise about bdsm the book is not just about that plus Christian introduces Ana to bdsm and She has a safe word, not at one point during the book does he force her into the red room.

And as the story goes on Ana changes Christian. We are now in the 21st century. I had to divorce my ex husband after years of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. Thank you for writing this, and speaking out from a professional point of view. Your comments should reach young women across the globe! Yes this goes on in the real world but this movie was simply for entertainment and maybe to arrouse things in the bedroom!! Get real and not so serious? I agree and disagree with you Dr. I agree in terms of the facts you had share about the movie. It still depend on the person if he or she will be a dominant or submissive.

Their decision in their life will not depend on the movie or book itself. But thank you for sharing your own wonderful thought or idea about Fifty Shades of Grey. Someday I hope to be a psychiatrist who can see things as clearly and logically as you. You have inspired me, Dr Grossman. God bless your soul. Actually, biologically and subconsciously, women prefer to be the submissive. There are varying degrees of submissiveness. Our brains are wired to see the male as the protector, which is a good thing. Which is why most women prefer men with deeper voices, which suggest the man has a higher level of testosterone. There are multiple studies on the fact that deep down, women would like to take care of their men, and for the men to be dominant. That is why the romance genre is so popular and why this particular book is so popular.

Women in the modern age have to have both male and female characteristics, and in this age men are more emasculated and submissive than ever. Yes this man is a doctor, but he is only considering a very small portion of the picture and telling women that their fantasies are unhealthy. All fantasies can be healthy and safe experimentation is absolutely crucial for a female to Learn about her sexuality.

Dr, do not generalize all women and do not chastise women for something that they are biologically inclined to want. Grossman for trying to get the truth out about this. I have friends who know I got out of an abusive marriage and are still all excited about this. Really disturbing!! However, other impressionable minds could very easily be influenced by this type of portrayal. I was a teenager once and thought I knew it all also.

Only black or white. My only hope is that people who do like this stuff, maybe by being exposed to it, will become aware of the problem and decide to help stop the violence. This type of stuff usually only desensitizes people to it. I was abused and my take on the 3 books is that this is a healing journey for Christian — away from the lifestyle and into a healthy relationship. It was quite interesting. It has over eighty pages of hilarious moments and is only appropriate for mature young adults. It has excitement, fun, comedy, and will take your minds to new places.

The main characters name is Mormon Silver. He Fifty shades of silver hair and socks This book is a parody of the fifty shades series. He went in for a job interview for writing. Beautrice Plastique is the one who hires him and they have a interesting relationship. I will not spoil the book for you so read it yourself Enjoy! Nov 13, Jo Dunn rated it liked it. First, and foremost, I haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and in spite of my "never-say-never" philosophy of life I doubt I ever will. That having been said.

Fifty Shades of Silver Hair and Socks was a Kindle freebie and the title drew me in like a silver-haired moth to an warm'n'woolly sock-fueled flame! A very quick, short 'n' sticky read that focused on the antics of aging professional blogger, Mormon Silver, and the First, and foremost, I haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and in spite of my "never-say-never" philosophy of life I doubt I ever will.

A very quick, short 'n' sticky read that focused on the antics of aging professional blogger, Mormon Silver, and the "adventurous" Bea Plastique. Worth the price? Aug 07, Argyle Doll rated it really liked it. I thought this was a very funny book! I read the reviews about it and at first I was a bit unsure if I should purchase it. I do anyways and I laughed and I ended up loving it.

I love Mr. Silver and his argyle style, I thought that was adorable of him. I read the book to laugh and to be amazed by epic story. It's called a parody for a reason and I loved it. I found myself loving Mr. Silver throughout the short read and I am definitely going to read the next to books. It was indeed a very cute lit I thought this was a very funny book! It was indeed a very cute little story. I recommend it to people who want a laugh and just a carefree book to enjoy. Jun 25, Kay Glass rated it it was amazing.

I picked this up on a whim, and must admit to enjoying this a lot more than 50 Shades of Grey- I deleted it without ever finishing it. This, however, I fell into. This parody had me laughing. I honestly don't know that I'll ever read the original but I'll definitely reread this one! Hysterical characters, eye-rolling mishaps, and laugh-out-loud settings. I wouldn't call this erotica, but maybe comedica!

Sexy, funny, worth the price of download- no question. Aug 11, Victoria rated it liked it Shelves: , on-my-kindle. So this was free and well, my sister downloaded it onto my Kindle because she's all into all the Fifty Shades crap. I have not read the Fifty Shades series but this book made me lol. My favorite part would probably be "I have one very hungry Kindle, my love. That Amazon gift certificate is two orgasms from being mine. Jun 01, Gina's Library rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a very fast read. I wanted to read this because I just got done reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

This book was funny and enjoyable. Since I have read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy I can see parts that are made to make fun of the books. This book also holds its own and is a story all on it's own as well. I highly recommend it to everyone. It's a good book even if you have not read the Fifty Shades books.

Aug 12, Flsunluvr rated it really liked it. Laugh-out-loud funny! I read this story after the 50 Shades trilogy so it was nice to "come down" from the drama and read something that pokes fun at that other BDSM couple. Hoping the author has at least a few more of these stories up his jersey sleeves! Aug 11, Shannon Cobb rated it liked it. I read this, looking for a parody. It did start out as such and it was good in the beginning. Eventually, the quirkiness wore off and it seemed like the author started taking the story seriously. It went from a clever tongue in cheek story to something a teenage girl with a vivid imagination would write during study hall.

Kind of disappointing. Aug 14, Susan Griscom rated it really liked it. But when I saw this, I must admit, curiosity got the best of me. I was surprised. It was hilarious. I actually laughed out loud. Jan 06, Patty Presley rated it it was amazing. Totally crazy, wild, and outrageous! But, I loved it. It made me laugh on more than one occasion and Uncle M and Lovergirl are just sweet in their own way. They come up with some really off the wall places to go at it.

And I gotta tell ya, Lovergirl is a little psycho, but great! Love the way the book ends. You totally gotta read it! Would I recommend? Yes Would I reread? Aug 15, Abby B rated it it was ok. I just wanna put it out there that same as 50 Shames of Earl Grey, I got this book for free. It was an alright read, but good satire is usually derived from great novels and I'm sure Fifty Shades of Grey is nowhere close to being a great novel. Alright read, slightly entertaining.

I wouldn't recommend anyone spend money on it but its free on Amazon for Kindle. Jan 04, Siggy Buckley rated it liked it. A quick read in the doctor's waiting room, it was amusing in its attempt to parody Fifty Shades of Grey which I'm not a fan of. Not very believable just like the other book.

More trivial and less sexual. Curious to see if he tries to do a trilogy too. Aug 19, Pam Terry rated it did not like it. I read this book to see if I could get a few laughs. There were some parts that were giggle worthy, but most of all not a great read. Although I love a parody and that said it was a little funny.

So if your looking for that its a pleasent way to while away the time. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Short Stories. About Phil Torcivia. Phil Torcivia. Torcivia is a divorced man who transplanted himself from Pennsylvania into the treacherous dating pool in Southern California. Retrieved 30 June Archived from the original on 20 June James's 'Grey' Sells over 1 Million Copies".

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