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The Doctor was unable to answer the question before the image in the mirror returned to that of the Doctor's reflection. The Master had a longer conversation with the Doctor from within the Eye of Harmony. The Master showed the Doctor a vision of Marnal 's investigation of the Shoal. When the Doctor pressed him about what happened to Gallifrey, the Master teased him with offers to bring it back and to return his memories. The Master then became angry over the circumstances of his imprisonment.

He threatened to use all of his power to detonate a fusion device and have his revenge. The Doctor sealed up the Eye of Harmony before he had the chance to carry out his plan. During the War in Heaven , Father Kreiner killed and decapitated either the original Master or a clone created as part of the Time Lords' War-time hatchling projects. The Master would remain stranded in the vortex for hundreds of years, rooting through the Doctor's possessions in search of something to help him escape.

His decaying thirteenth incarnation , an incarnation possessing the body of Tremas and an incarnation going by the name "Saxon" all joined in the plan, and the team spent "decades" practising. The decaying Master joined in the struggle, followed rapidly by the "Bruce" Master, and the group soon became involved in a full on brawl. The Master begins to disappear after being banished by Kroton. Nearing his ultimate destruction, he was rescued from the Vortex by a being named Esterath , the controller of the Glory , the focal point of the Omniverse.

The Master was told that it was time for the Glory to gain another controller, but the power had to be fought for. The Master assumed that the battle would be between himself and the Doctor. After gliding over the many realities throughout the Omniversal Spectrum for what he described as seeming like "centuries", the Master was resurrected into the body of a recently deceased vagrant on the streets of Brixton. Some weeks afterwards, due to a symbiotic link he had formed with the Doctor's TARDIS when it consumed part of his essence after he passed through the Eye of Harmony, the Master was transported onto the Moon during one of the Doctor's adventures.

The Master subsequently used this link to trail the Doctor for some time without his enemy suspecting. The Master later made contact with Sato Katsura , a Japanese samurai unwillingly rendered immortal as a result of his involvement in the Doctor's adventures. The embittered warrior became the Master's follower. At his behest, Sato adopted the identity of "Cardinal Morningstar" and became the leader of the Church of the Glorious Dead , instigator of a holy war that altered the history of Earth, a planet now renamed "Dhakan".

After revealing his plot to the Doctor, the Master won a sword fight with the Doctor by stabbing him, but then learned that the true battle for the Glory was between Sato and the Doctor's companion, the Cyberman Kroton , of which Kroton was the victor. The Master declared he would survive and return. Trapped in the Eye of Harmony, the Master eventually escaped the Eye of Harmony by influencing the dreams of Edward Grainger to unravel the Doctor's timeline, by killing Edward Grainger whilst he was an infant in After possessing Richard, the Master killed Violet out of revenge.

However, the Master discovered his possession had caused the host body to decay at an accelerated rate, so he was forced to steal more bodies to prolong his survival. Realising that the First World War was rapidly approaching, the Master decided to migrate to America to avoid the conflict and boarded a ship to go there in Ironically, he had boarded the RMS Titanic , unaware of its eventual fate, and escaped in a lifeboat when it sank. Arriving in New York City , the Master took possession of a member of the Hudson Dusters, quickly becoming the leader of the gang and calling himself "Don Maestro".

After twenty years of living in his current body, he occupied the body of his host's son, Michael, and moved to Las Vegas where he owned a casino. He accumulated money to fund experiments towards the elongation of the lifespan of his host body. Fearing the eventual decay of his body, the Master used his money to buy a penthouse to isolate himself from infection. After years living in isolation, his host's son confronted him with the knowledge that he had possessed both his father and his grandfather in some way.

He then trapped the Master in the penthouse. After UNIT were alerted to the presence of penthouse, they discovered the Master in a comatose state. He was imprisoned in the UNIT Vault , awakening every five years for one hour, before returning to a coma. However, he managed to hypnotise both of them and escape his imprisonment. He then tried to use the casket to gain influence over the Eminence, and take control of its Infinite Warriors , calling them his "finite warriors". AUDIO : Time's Horizon He tried to discover why some humans were immune to the Eminence's influence, experimenting on them in an attempt to eliminate it so that the Daleks could not exploit it.

There, the Master ran an experiment, using the retro-genitor particles in Molly to fight the Eminence's breath of forever. AUDIO : The Reviled The Master infected the human colonists of Ramosa with retro-genitor particles, planning to expose them to the Eminence, and gain control of all of them using the fragment of the Eminence contained in his mind.

The Master unleashed his plans for humanity on Earth. He allied himself with the Eminence and allowed them to conquer Earth. He subsequently activated the retro-genitor particles in the humans and asserted his psychic influence over them. The Doctor escaped the Master's clutches and helped a group of humans overcome the Master's influence and stop his plans. The Master allies with the Daleks. Forming an alliance with the Dalek Time Controller , the Master aided him in creating a new Dalek army in return for control over a number of conquered worlds.

Setting the Controller up in Montmartre within the Red Pagoda , he returned to the future and aided the Daleks in their occupation of Earth. When the Doctor absconded in time, the Master returned to the Pagoda to help repair it. Liv stole his Tissue Compression Eliminator , and then travelled with him to Moscow. He created a mutiny with the Daleks, knowing that the Time Controller would betray him. Working against the Time Lords, the Master infiltrated a Time Lord base which contained two dimensional nodes , products of technology developed by "the Dimensioneers ", and stole them.

Attempting to control the dimensional energies of the entire universe, the Master planted one on the planet of the Tolians , allowing it to drain all the energy that was available before giving the Tolians a communicator as a way of drawing the Seventh Doctor to their planet, enabling the Master to steal the only node activator still intact from the Doctor's TARDIS. Having successfully tricked the Doctor into restoring the Tolians' source of dimensional energy for them using his Node by manipulating him and using a form of reverse psychology , he allowed the Tolians to force him to open a dimensional rift , causing a catastrophic imbalance to the flow of dimensional energy in the process so great that it threatened the structure of reality itself.

Rescuing the Doctor and his companion Raine Creevy from becoming trapped on the other side of a dimensional rift caused by the dimensional instability, the Master stole the Doctor's node activator and sent all the alien invaders back to their own dimensions, fleeing Earth with the Doctor in his TARDIS. Revealing his true identity to the Doctor, he detailed his plan: he intended to use the activator in conjunction with the two nodes to add even more dimensional energy to the Tolians so he could use them to conquer the Earth and other planets and dimensions beyond.

However, the Doctor managed to convince the Tolian leader Arunzell that the Master would betray the Tolians, giving him the opportunity to capture the Master in return for recalling the rest of the Tolians. However, the Master revealed that he had locked the dimensional doorway, prompting him to abandon him to Arunzell. However, the restoration of the dimensional energies reduced Arunzell to his regular size, enabling the Master to kill him with his TCE and escape, intending to try his scheme all over again. The Master made a deal with the Cult of the Heretic to regenerate the universe using their anomaly cage.

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The Cult manipulated the Master into coming into contact with his younger self, whom he disfigured with a staser. The Cult then betrayed the Master by switching the minds of the younger Master and the older Master. The paradox of having a Time Lord inhabiting the body of his past self led to the universe beginning to break down. The Cult intended to execute the future-in-past Master to make the paradox unbreakable, but the future-in-past Master was able to escape.

The Cult hired the Transhuman Sisters of the Unholy Protocol and the Dragonhunters to kill the older Master and make the paradox permanent, but the Master was able to drive the assassins off with the 'aid' of the Fifth Doctor. The Seventh Doctor encountered both of the Masters and helped them get back into the right bodies. They then plotted to use the anomaly cage but were stopped by the Seventh Doctor, who made sure that the universe remained practically unchanged by its regeneration. The Master and the Doctor during the Time War. At some point, the Master regenerated into his sixteenth incarnation.

The Master made a deal with the War Doctor to end their old ways of fighting and to become allies. The Doctor and the Master travelled to Veestrax , where they saw a broken wall with "Exterminhate" written on it. The Master told the Doctor that he hadn't written it. The Doctor then asked for the Master's help with destroying the planet. He arrived on Golgauth with the Doctor, asking what he intended to do, to which the Doctor said "what [he] [had] to". The Master and the Doctor revealed a Volatix spy in the group and neutralised him. The spy revealed that he had called for help and moments later a Cyclor tore off the roof of the base.

He inadvertently created a paradox when attempting to fly the machine, realising too late that he was erasing a timeline that brought his future TARDIS into being. The Master regenerates into an older body. The chronal tumour began to react with the Psilent songbox , which had been activated by Alice. Realising that it would result in a temporal bomb, the Master deactivated it. Horrified by this, he swore revenge on the Doctor and his companions, but ultimately his memory of Alice's intervention in the War was erased.

The Master assists Kate Stewart in her battle with the Cyberman. While "exploring possibilities", the Master became stranded in a parallel dimension. When this dimension was invaded by Cybermen seeking to conquer the multiverse , the Master used the opportunity to obtain technology to repair his TARDIS and followed the Cybermen back to his home universe.

There he posed as the Doctor, using his reputation to gain the trust of the Gardezzans. Inside, he received a call to return to Gallifrey and left to answer it. On the planet, he used his laser screwdriver to stun both of the Finnians to get them back to Gallifrey.

He hypnotised and killed the various Finnians until he learnt that Arcking had a power source that could fuel the Time Lords energy banks. On the way back to Gallifrey, the Master expelled Leela into the time vortex and headed to Arcking after he received a signal that originated from there. Travelling to hospital planet Arcking multiple times, the Master, under the alias "Dr Keller", attempted to possess an ancient power, known as the Heart , that had resisted the ravages of the Time War, and even prevented unnatural death.

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On Arcking, the Master met Cole Jarnish , a pilot who suffered from survivor's guilt as he was the sole survivor of an incident that had killed the rest of his crew. Intrigued by his desire to help the innocent people affected by the Time War, the Master hinted to Cole that he would be able to help him realise this idea. After travelling with him for a while, the Master was accused of being too disengaged towards the Time War by Cole, and was challenged to play a more active role in assisting the people suffering under the destructive effects of the war.

While the Master deflected this accusation by referring to his status as a Time Lord, and how it forbade him from interfering directly, he in turn offered Cole a challenge; he would allow Cole pick out a planet in peril and take him there, so he could try and save its people from destruction with whatever means he saw fit. Cole's choice fell on a primitive farming planet.

Upon landing on the planet, the Master reminded Cole that he was not allowed to meddle directly, and so decided to take some time off to build his own vineyard and try his hand at cultivating grapes while he left Cole to his own devices. As several months passed, the Master met with Cole to hear about his progress on several occasions, and, though he mostly kept to himself inside his vineyard, he would "accidentally" leave various supplies and tools to covertly help Cole in his endeavours.

However, Cole's attempt to save the peaceful population of the planet backfired when he inadvertently turned them into a race of warlike semi-robotic creatures. The Master and Cole escaped the planet, with the Master assuring Cole that he would help him to undo his mistake. The Master and Cole travelled to Stamford Bridge in the s , where they located a Time Lord repository, and the Master revealed the reason he saved Cole's life and supported his attempt to save the people of the farming planet was to turn him into a paradox powering a paradox, with the resulting temporal energy collected in Cole to be used to power the Heavenly Paradigm.

Despite Cole's pleas, the Master killed sacrificed him to the machine, wanting to use it to create a new and better timeline, and thus end the War. The plan backfired, however, when the Master's direction to make a "better" timeline, simply proved both far too big and far too vague for the Paradigm to handle, and the changes soon spun out of control. The Master watched in horror as his meddling unintentionally resulted in both the Time Lords and Daleks to win several battles they had once lost, and vice versa, completely altering the state of the Time War to one that was ultimately more favourable to the Daleks.

Because of this, he then saw the Dalek Emperor take control of the Time Lords' Cruciform , which frightened him into fleeing from the war, which he now considered "lost". For a time, the Master corrected and observed changes made to the Time War by the Paradigm. But, still scared and tired of the fighting, he fled to the far end of time and sent his TARDIS away to Gallifrey without him and used a Chameleon Arch to turn himself into a human baby , intending to eventually resume control of his body once the Time War had ended.

Professor Yana opens the fob watch. TV : Utopia. Physically human, the Master was found as a naked child on the coast of the Silver Devastation with only an "heirloom" fob watch , which could never keep time and resulted in the Master always being late for things as he grew up under the name "Yana". Yana spent most his life moving from one refugee ship to another. Yana, having retained the Master's intellect, eventually became a professor, and became friends with another scientist, Chantho , who was thought to be the last of the Malmooth race.

Together, they worked on the Utopia Project to send the remnants of humanity on Malcassairo. Overhearing conversation between the Doctor and Jack about things such as time travel , Daleks , and regeneration , Yana became visibly upset. Martha, recognising the fob watch Yana had in his possession as a chameleon arc, inadvertently drew his attention to it, breaking the perception filter placed on it. Hearing voices that commanded and entreated him to remember who he really was, Yana opened the watch and returned to his true identity.

The Master regenerates. The Master then locked the Doctor out of Yana's lab, and opened the gate keeping the Futurekind at bay to keep the Doctor occupied as he ravaged Yana's lab. After Chantho threatened him with a gun to stop him destroying their work, the Master electrocuted her with a loose set of power cables, angered that she was never curious of the fob watch during their decades of working together, and left her for dead.

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Dead Frogs Don't Jump: Conversations with the Master [B. H. Wasmund] on *FREE* Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser. Have one to But you don't have to be a martial artist to enjoy the stories in this book. Everyone . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Master B.H. Wasmund is a 7th-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Head Instructor of his own studio in Burlington.

However, Chantho used the last of her strength to pull a laser gun on the Master while his back was turned, and shot him in the chest before she died. Finding the idea of dying by the hand of "an insect and a girl" undignified, the Master decided to regenerate into a form that was as young and strong as the Doctor was.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic

The Master took on the alias "Harold Saxon" and set about fabricating "Saxon's" past to gain political support, making his first public appearance shortly after the downfall of Harriet Jones on Christmas Day Travelling back to the end of the universe , the Master contacted the Toclafane , the childlike, vicious cyborg remnants of the humans who had never found Utopia. He made an agreement to allow the Toclafane to escape extinction and live anew in the past, with the paradox machine preventing them from changing their own history.

Under the guise of "Harold Saxon", the Master entered the government as Minister for Communications , an office under which he designed the Archangel Network which was hailed as a telecommunications breakthrough. This telecommunications network, tied to mobile phones, carried a mind control signal which made humans trust him. The network affected the Doctor so he had no suspicions as to the Master's presence as "Harold Saxon", as he would have normally noticed the presence of another Time Lord.

To those few humans conscious of it, the signal was a persistent drumbeat, the constant drumbeat the Master always heard, that only they could hear. TV : The Runaway Bride. The Master visited "Saxon's" old high school during the campaign, using the Archangel Network to brainwash the staff into having false memories of "Saxon" to gain political support.

One teacher, James Curtis , was resistant to the Network, so the Master used his laser screwdriver to implant the appropriate memories into his mind. This made him popular in early , after the Judoon had taken the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon. TV : Smith and Jones. TV : The Master with the Toclafane. With his election a sure thing, politicians from other parties flocked to his side. He gathered his Cabinet for a meeting in the re-built 10 Downing Street and accused them of being traitors for abandoning their political parties to jump on his political ticket.

He rigged the desk phone speakers on the Cabinet Room table to release a lethal gas that killed the Cabinet ministers while using a gas mask to protect himself and mock his victims. He later unleashed the Toclafane on Sunday Mirror reporter Vivien Rook , who threatened to expose his fabricated past to the public. During a telephone conversation with the Doctor, the Master had the Doctor, Martha and Jack framed as terrorists responsible for the Cabinet's murder and forced them into hiding. Information from The Unwanted Gift of Prophecy needs to be added. The Master moved to the Valiant , which the governments of Earth considered neutral territory and therefore fitting for formal first contact with alien life.

Using the results from Professor Lazarus's experiment, along with the DNA in the Doctor's hand, the Master used his laser screwdriver to age the Doctor into an old man, and then ordered the Toclafane to kill one tenth of humanity and commence their invasion as Martha escaped. While ruling the world for a year, the Master discovered that the Drast had secretly invaded before he arrived. Furious, he ordered the Toclafane to burn Japan, where the Drast were situated. He built an army of warships to take his war across the universe.

Martha used the legend of the Doctor, which she had spread, and the thoughts of Earth thinking "Doctor" at the same time. Their psychic energy was channeled through the Archangel Network, which the Doctor had spent the year infiltrating telepathically. The psychic energy restored the Doctor and gave him telekinetic powers. After cowering from the Doctor's forgiveness, the Master used Jack's vortex manipulator to teleport him and the Doctor to Earth, where he threatened to use the black hole converter to detonate the rockets, but was foiled by the Doctor's knowledge that the Master could not kill himself.

Jack destroyed the Paradox Machine and reversed time one year, although this did not affect anyone aboard the Valiant. Lucy shot the Master. Defeated, he refused to regenerate to spite the Doctor, and died in his arms. TV : Last of the Time Lords. As far as the general public were aware, Harold Saxon "went mad" and disappeared, along with President Winters.

TV : Before the Flood. The Master's damaged body flickers between flesh and raw bones. TV : The End of Time. On Christmas Eve , the prison governor of Broadfell Prison brought Lucy Saxon to a chamber where most of the staff were members of the Disciples of Saxon , who had been working ever since the Master's death to bring about his resurrection. With the help of the ring and a biometric imprint taken from Lucy, the nude Master reappeared in a swirl of energy, but Lucy and one other warder had prepared for this.

To stop his resurrection, Lucy hurled a Potion of Death at the Master. His followers and Lucy were killed in the resulting explosion. Moreover, his life force was left in a state of constant depletion, forcing him to consume huge quantities of food and drain the vitality of humans to stay alive. As a side effect of the botched resurrection, he could expend his life force for enhanced agility and send bolts of energy from his hands.

The Master's body would even fluctuate between a fleshy form and a half-skeletal state. The Master led the Doctor on a wild goose chase after banging the beat of the drums in his mind to lure the Doctor to him and escaped when Wilfred Mott interrupted the chase. Encountering the Doctor soon after, the Master and the Doctor discovered the drumming in the Master's head was real, not just a symptom of insanity. The Doctor also told him of the prophecy told to him by the Ood , but the Master quickly dismissed it, assuming that it was referring to him. Billionaire Joshua Naismith then captured the Master and enlisted his assistance to mend the malfunctioning Vinvocci medical machine, which he had christened the " Immortality Gate ".

The Master co-operated for his own purposes. He broke out of a straitjacket and flew into the gateway, which he had working a billion fold on the human template. The gateway sent out an energy pulse that transformed every human on Earth, except Wilf, whom the Doctor protected with a radiation shield, and his granddaughter, Donna Noble , who was unaffected due to her part-Time Lord physiology, into the Master Race — identical copies of the Master subservient to him.

After the Doctor and Wilf were rescued from the Master by two Vinvocci , the Master used the combined mental powers of the Master Race and a White-Point Star that had fallen on Earth to trace the origin of the drumbeat in his head. As the Lord President Rassilon and his council arrived through the Immortality Gate, the Master announced he intended to transplant himself into the entire Time Lord race, just as he had done to the human race.

Rassilon, using his gauntlet , reversed the effects of the Master's transplantation, and watched as Gallifrey returned to the universe on a collision course with Earth. The Doctor berated the Master for breaking the time lock, warning him that it wouldn't just be the Time Lords and the Daleks, and that he had just opened up "Hell". Rassilon revealed his plans for the Ultimate Sanction ; the Master asked if he could also "ascend into glory", but Rassilon rebuffed him, calling him "diseased" and revealed that he was responsible for the drumming that the Master had experienced all of his life, and prepared to execute him, but the Doctor stepped in with Wilfred's pistol.

After some hesitation on whether to shoot Rassilon or the Master, he shot the White-Point Star, destroying the link. Enraged, Rassilon prepared to kill the Doctor, but the Master unleashed his bio-electric blasts at the President, roaring that the Time Lords had manipulated him and made him the monster he had become, counting the beat of the rhythm that had resounded in his head and tormenting him all his life. The Time Lords, Gallifrey, and the Master then vanished in a burst of white light, and were sent "back into [the] hell" of the final day of the Time War.

His decaying thirteenth incarnation , the incarnation possessing the body of Tremas and the incarnation possessing the body of "Bruce" all joined in the plan, and the team spent "decades" practising. The other Masters soon joined in the fight for power as well, while the "Saxon" Master joined seemingly for the fun of it. The Master with his future incarnation. TV : The Doctor Falls. Eventually, the Master landed on a Mondasian colony ship which was experiencing time dilation due to pulling itself away from a black hole , and took over the city on Floor , where he "lived like a king until they rebelled against [his] cruelty".

Attempting to escape, but being "too close to the event horizon", the Master burned out his TARDIS's dematerialisation circuit , stranding him on the colony ship. While working for a hospital hosting the Conversion Theatre , the Master found Bill Potts , who had been given a cybernetic chestpiece after being shot on Floor Studying the woman travelling with the Doctor, Missy , the Master eventually deduced that she was a future incarnation of himself trying to turn good.

Becoming "concerned about [his] future", the Master lured Bill into surgery for full cyber-conversion , knowing that the Doctor would never forgive him for it. Watching as the Doctor, Nardole , and Missy arrived, the Master revealed his identity to Missy, and the two of them gloated to the Doctor about the fate of his companion. TV : World Enough and Time. Restraining the Doctor before taking him to the hospital roof, the Master flirted and danced with Missy until the Cybermen turned on them due to the Doctor tinkering with the computers.

Just as Nardole arrived with a stolen shuttlecraft, the Doctor was attacked by one of the Cybermen.

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The Master and Missy attempted to convince Nardole to leave without him, but their shuttle was stopped by the Cyber-converted Bill, who still retained her humanity. Crashing through floors of the colony ship, the shuttlecraft gave out at one of the solar farms. While the Doctor recovered from their escape, the Master, accompanied by Missy, ventured back down the colony ship to revert the Doctor's tinkering and regain control of the Cybermen, though they were followed by Alit.

Ultimately, however, the Master was unable regain control of the Cybermen. After two weeks of searching, the Master and Missy found disguised lifts, but Missy accidentally summoned the Cybermen in her attempt to escape. Unable to return to the Doctor's TARDIS due to how quickly time was moving on the floor of the Cybermen, the Doctor insisted that they had to prepare for a confrontation. Missy, recalling an instance where a very scary woman had pushed him up against a wall and insisted that he always keep a spare dematerialisation circuit, pushed the Master against the wall and insisted that he always keep a spare dematerialisation circuit, revealing the spare dematerialisation circuit she kept on her person.

Before departing, however, the pair asked what the Doctor's plan was, knowing that he wouldn't be able to save everyone on the ship. As the Doctor explained that he wanted to save these people simply because it was the right thing to do and tried to implore the Master to stand with him in the battle, the Master made his refusal of the offer known, and he left with Missy. As they prepared to depart, Missy offered to hug the Master and, after stating her enjoyment for being him, she stabbed the Master in the back, mortally wounding him in order to force his regeneration into her.

As he was helped into the lift, the Master asked Missy to explain herself, and she told him she planned to stand with the Doctor, believing they had been leading towards it their entire lives. Furious, the Master declared that he would never stand with the Doctor, and shot Missy in the back with his laser screwdriver at full blast, mortally wounding his future incarnation past the point of regeneration. Laughing, the Master declared that their perfect ending was always going to be "shoot[ing] [them]selves in the back.

Due to the presence of her older self during the events surrounding his regeneration, she was left unable to recall the exact specifics of it due to their timelines being out of sync, TV : The Doctor Falls recalling only that she woke up in a female body, AUDIO : The Bekdel Test and also lost all knowledge of his time on the Mondasian colony ship, TV : World Enough and Time save only that a "very scary lady" advised him to always carry a spare dematerialisation circuit. As with her previous incarnations, the Master went to the Scoundrels Club to recover from the regeneration.

After she was ousted from the Club by Harrison Mandeville for being a woman, Missy went on to systematically kill specific members for her revenge, and recruited an 18th century slave at the Mandeville sugar plantation named Saffron. While Saffron infiltrated the Club through the kitchens, PROSE : Dismemberment Missy decided to manoeuvre Clara Oswald into becoming the Doctor's companion, believing that Clara was just the right companion to attract the Doctor's interest and make it easier for Missy to emotionally manipulate him, TV : Death in Heaven showing him "the friend inside the enemy, [and] the enemy inside the friend.

After killing Clara's boyfriend, Danny Pink , by running him over with a milk float, Missy returned to the Scoundrels Club to finalise her revenge by having Saffron poison the last remaining members with a temporary paralysing agent. After stranding the majority of the members in the past to act as slave labour, Missy taunted Mandeville a final time by permanently paralysing him and propping him up as furniture, while she made plans for Dr Skarosa.

Missy was brought to the Bekdel Institute , where she encountered River Song. After Missy taunted her, and killed a few of the other prisoners, River realised she could help her escape. To throw off the Director , she created two sets of solidograms , similar to him, one to be placed in the detention cells, while the other set to be caught in the sewers. It was around this time they figured out that the prisoners were in fact solidograms, generated by the main computer.

While Missy and River meddled with the systems, they figured out that they were brought to the prison to check if the Eleventh Doctor was really dead after his assassination. They finally escaped after Missy tricked the computer into thinking that the inside was the outside and vice versa. She told River that she knew something about her future, but that she couldn't tell. Missy also explained that she couldn't kill River because she was a complicated space time event.

Missy then teleported River back to Stormcage , just for the fun of it. Under unknown circumstances, Missy managed to acquire a vortex manipulator. Working with the Cybermen, Missy founded the 3W Institute , in order to create a Cyberman army of the dead.

TV : Dark Water Needing to collect matrix slices that she had acquired in her previous incarnation, Missy travelled to London to meet her former wife, Lucy Saxon , who had been sent to sell three matrix data slices to another incarnation of the Master. Missy spoke to Lucy about her husband and told her that one day she would have to kill him with a gun. Lucy listened to her story about what would happen to her, and how it would all work out, though she did not tell Lucy that these events would also result in her death.

Lucy agreed to the terms and gave Missy the three matrix slices. This reality changed and rewrote the minds, removing their emotions before re-downloading them into their Cyber-converted bodies. TV : Dark Water. TV : In the Forest of the Night. TV : Death in Heaven Initially posing as an android, Missy revealed her true identity to him as the Cybermen marched out onto the streets of London.

She watched as Cybermen flew into the sky and exploded above major population centres, creating clouds that rained Cyber-pollen , turning the dead into Cybermen. AUDIO : Narcissus Missy then ordered the Cybermen to remove a piece of the fuselage, causing Kate Stewart and the Doctor to be sucked out before ordering the Cybermen to destroy the plane, and teleporting away.

When Seb got overexcited at this dramatic turn of events, Missy casually disintegrated him. After the Doctor found out from the Cyber-converted Danny Pink that she planned to have the Cyber-pollen fall again so that humanity would be reborn as Cybermen, Missy then arrived to give the Doctor control of the Cybermen, wanting him to use them as his army, in the hopes of proving the similarities between them.

However, after pondering the idea, the Doctor proclaimed himself to be simply an "idiot with a box" rather than a general or any sort of leader. He turned control over to Danny, who ordered the army into the sky to destroy themselves, dispersing the threatening rain clouds. After the threat of the Cybermen had ended, Missy gave the Doctor coordinates to the current location of Gallifrey, lying to the Doctor that the planet had returned to its original location and that she and the Doctor could travel there together.

However, Clara, using Missy's own weapon, decided to kill her. The Doctor wouldn't let Clara kill Missy, and decided to kill his old friend himself to "save [Clara's] soul". Very sleepy, Ned? As soon as day begins to break we shall come to a halt, and rest for a few hours—that is, if we can be sure that there are no rattlesnakes near. Made the water taste snaky.

Dries up your tongue. Tasted snaky. Come, come, Ned; do you want me to hold you on your pony? Keep up a little longer, boy. We must be leaving the sandy plains behind. Perhaps they will not fall off, after all. It was growing darker, but he noted that the mustangs seemed to regulate their movements to those of their riders, and in nowise altered their steady walk when one or the other lurched and made a spasmodic effort to recover himself.

Then Bourne sighed and looked right ahead at the dull star of the lanthorn in front, some of whose rays fell from time to time upon the moving pack carried by one of the mules. From that he turned his eyes upward to the glorious stars, whose rays gave just sufficient light to enable the line of animals to avoid any obstacle in the way, though that was seldom, for Skeeter plodded steadily along with his bell, and the mules which followed almost planted their hoofs, elephant-fashion, in the prints made by those which had gone before.

When I woke up, though, and found you were not with me, it was a regular shock, for I thought you must have fallen off and be lying somewhere in the darkness and your nag beside you. The sensation was horrible, for in my stupid sleepy state I felt that we might never find you again. It roused me up a bit, and I had common-sense enough left in the midst of my scare to push on first and make sure.

I say, it would be awful if either of us were lost. There was no reply, and they went on for a few minutes in silence, and then there was a sudden check. Skeeter came to a stop all at once. You shall have it fast round you and the other end to my saddle. These places go straight down sometimes hundreds of feet to a river. Can you hear water? But try first if the bell-mule will take a step or two in advance. The doctor was off his horse, and the next minute he was advancing slowly, with the lanthorn held near the ground.

The ponies are at it too. You know my rules that I laid down. We must chance everything and sleep. Here they are upon the ground, fast asleep too. Here, Ned—Chris! Hunger and thirst did not exist to them then, nor did they to any other member of the expedition, for when day came brightly, not very long after, it was to look down upon the strange group of horses, mules, packs, and men, lying anyhow upon a wide down-like place covered with thin, short, crisp grass, which the animals were browsing upon contentedly enough.

Fortunately for the party there was no sign of danger far or near—nothing but rolling down for a few miles, and beyond that mountains towering up towards the clouds, looking clear and distinct in the pearly grey of morning, and apparently close at hand, though some sixty or seventy miles away.

His head felt confused and thick. His thinking apparatus would not work properly, but seemed to be struggling to carry on the narrative of some weary dream in which there had been snakes, heat, thirst, and riding, till his bones seemed to ache and he felt sore all over. It was very puzzling, and though he tried to make out where he was, he could see nothing but that big sack.

After lying still for some minutes, his reasoning powers began to act, and overcoming the disinclination to move, consequent upon his being so horribly stiff, he gave himself a wrench and turned right over on his other side. This brought a little illumination, bodily and mental too, for the sun was beating down upon his face making him raise his hand stiffly to shade his eyes; and there before him lay Ned, flat upon his back, with his mouth wide open.

Then there were the bearers of the said packs about a couple of hundred yards away, every one with its muzzle near the ground, browsing busily at some kind of low, scrubby, greyish growth that looked like very dwarf juniper, while in quite another direction, there they were—all six—forming a group to themselves—the mustangs, their saddles still on and the reins upon the ground, cropping away at the thin wiry grass that clothed the sandy earth.

Am I hurt? His eyes wandered round again, and he sat up now with a start, the aforesaid eyes dilating and the lids getting so wide that he showed a good deal of white, while it seemed as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his heart, so horrible were his thoughts. But he could see no sign of rattlesnakes, and the heavy throbbing in his breast calmed down, to give place to a sensation of pleasure, as he breathed in the fresh elastic air and let his eyes rest upon a great blue mountain which towered up above a clump of a dozen or so on one side and as many more spreading away in a row, their tops looking like the teeth of a gigantic saw.

In fact, it was one of the ranges to which the old Spanish settlers gave the name of Sierras. Of course; I remember it all quite clearly, and about our going to bathe and drink, and—oh, how thirsty I am! How blue it all looks! His words having no effect, he reached out one foot and gave the boy such a vigorous push that Ned sat up, staring.

To wake you up. Ned, who had roused up at once, clapped his hands to the part of his person alluded to, and retaliated. What about the rattlesnakes? Have we left them all behind? Bother the old gold! It would have been horrid. Better have gone on weeding in the plantation. This question, loudly uttered, had the effect of a call to the other sleepers, who rose to their feet to look about in a dazed and wondering manner, but with signs of satisfaction dawning upon their countenances as they grasped the improvement in their position. Would you mind getting out your glass?

This was quickly done, and the American focussed it and stood gazing long and intently at the distant range. So do sunrise and sunset. But what do you say about our start, sir? It seems impossible to scrape together enough fuel to make a fire. The horses and mules will be able to get along without. That tinful each was the first part of the meal, and declared merrily by both boys to have quite a rattle-snaky flavour. The solid portion of the late breakfast was not appetising. We must carry the axe ready, and if we do happen to come across a few shrubs they must be loaded on top of the water-kegs, for the mule that carries them is getting to have a precious light load, and he deserves a heavy one for causing us all that trouble yesterday.

A very short time after they were going straight for the mountain—the great peak forming their goal, and the doctor taking its bearings by compass so as to know their route if mist should hide it, and when darkness came on. To the surprise of all, both ponies and mules stepped briskly and well, the pasture upon which they had been busy having had a wonderfully good effect. The hardy beasts seemed now to need no water, and made light of their loads, while as the stiffness suffered by the riders passed off with movement in the warm bracing air, the difficulties and perils of the past seemed to die away.

Griggs proved to be right, too, before they had been two hours on the way, for first one or two, then a covey of the large partridge-like birds that haunted the open appeared, and as the day went on several plump additions to their stores fell to the guns. But the wood was so far wanting, and it was not until evening was approaching that they came upon a scattered patch of trees, which grew for a long distance in a meandering way, just one here and there, and from which a sufficiency for their purpose was obtained; but the pasture was no more plentiful, and they kept on, till all at once Griggs slapped his hand down heavily upon his leg.

These trees have been all along on our right for quite a time.

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Griggs did prove to be right, for when the course of the trees had been followed for about four miles, the party found themselves upon a marshy patch of a vivid green, the trees they had followed ending at the very edge. Pools of clear water were plentiful, and the banks and swampy ground between them and the lakes were rich in deep green succulent and coarse reeds and grassy patches such as cattle delight in. A dry slope some fifty feet above the swamp was soon selected for the temporary halt—a place which proved to be quite free from reptiles; and here the mules were unladen, the fire was lit, and the boys joined eagerly in the culinary preparations, all being eager to help in the preparation of the evening meal.

Come along, Chris. You listen. You can hear me crackle with the salt and dust caked over me. But a good wash will be a treat. I say, though, that place looks deep. You can both swim very well? We want a bathe horribly. This is a new place altogether to me. There are plenty of vicious hungry things down in Mississippi and Florida, I know that.

No finger-posts up here and no lines to show where the States are divided. Do you know how big these wilds are? Look at that! The boys were already looking, their attention having been caught by the rising of a little wave caused by some fish or reptile rushing through the water for a few yards before curving over, making a great splash as it disappeared.

Why, the same as we did at the plantation. I believe that everything would grow here and that we could raise abundance of fruit. We could grow corn, and graze cattle, and keep poultry. I dare say we shall come across buffaloes and deer. Then there are abundance of birds, and I dare say these fish in the pools would be good, without reckoning on the salmon.

I shall tell them over our breakfast everything you—Oh! I say! Smell that? I know! The scene around was glorious; there was the blue sunlit sky, in the distance the purple mist and the glistening silver of pool after pool, while all else was golden green—tree, bush, and waving reed, rush and grass. To a couple of boys whose eyes had been smarting for days in the dusty glare, the country around seemed perfect in its beauty.

But though they had been revelling therein, and enjoyed it to the full, now that they were refreshed by their bath all seemed as nothing compared with the film of grey smoke that arose from close by the heap of packs beyond which the ponies and mules were grazing, half-hidden by the lush rich grass which brushed their flanks. But it was not only the sight of that slow-rising smoke, there was the odour which floated to their nostrils, and set them off running in a way which seemed to suggest that their swim had washed away all the stiffness and languor of the day before.

The change was so great after the sufferings and excitement of the past hours, that every one was enthusiastic, and the conversation became general about the future; but very soon all but one became listeners, the one being the doctor, who laid down the law as to future proceedings, giving it as his opinion that the success of the expedition, or more especially the continuance thereof, must depend upon their keeping in touch with water.

You follow me, Griggs? It will be more arduous for our beasts, but near the high lands we may generally find water. Where there is water there are grass and trees, and where there are these we may find food in the shape of birds and other animals, as well as provision for our ponies and mules. But now about to-day. We have excellent quarters here, the beasts are revelling in good pasture, and though I am anxious to go on I think we had better stay where we are, say for a couple of days more, not to do nothing, but to let this be the camp from which we make an expedition or two towards that peak and part of the way up its slopes, so as to determine in which direction we shall go next.

"The Peril Finders"

Which way do you mean to go to-day, sir? Likely enough there may be Indians. I have been a good deal exercised in my mind about the failing of our provisions forcing us at last to turn back, but if we follow the example of the Indians there is no reason why we, so long as we have sufficient ammunition, should not be able to keep on for years if it were necessary. What one band can do, surely another can. You soon get used to it, and then you find out what roast meat and cold water really are—about the most delicious eating and drinking in the world.

You never seem to be tired. You feel, then, Griggs, that we need be under no apprehension about our stores? We could after a time, for it will save a lot of trouble in loading up the baggage. I was thinking about him in the night when I woke up to have a look round. Well, he might easily have been wandering about in his gold hunt for twenty or thirty or forty years.

Then how many years is it since that poor old fellow was young, able-bodied, and vigorous, and started off into the desert with his party? Why, our having to go on and on till all the stores are finished, and then for us to get nothing but frizzled meat to eat and water to drink. Here, see if you can get my girth tightened to this hole.

Now sling your guns. Are you loaded? The start was made, and as soon as the marshy part was cleared there was no need to ride in single file. The doctor allowed his two friends to come up abreast, and Griggs urged his pony forward to get between the boys. Not a bit of it. I say, nice thing to find when we get back that they had raided the camp and cleared off everything, mules and all.

It would be horrible. Why, part of us ought to stop and guard the camp. Rather better than the desert. I think I could make out the mountains on the old map if I saw them. You wait till afternoon, and then see if you wish the same. You can just see their black heads above the grass. Yes, I see now.

Griggs turned in his saddle to look wonderingly at the speaker, and then his features began to relax, but grew hard again at once, and he said quietly—. Well, this is a good beginning, and I only hope we may find beef like this in our larder wherever we go, till we discover the old city. We can pick up a few birds as we come back, I dare say, enough for this evening and to-morrow.

I want to get on as far as we can to-day and see for a new camping-place, as we agreed. But whatever it was they could not get a glimpse of it, though time after time, when they felt that the game had either been passed or had gone off to right or left, they saw the grass in motion again. Then it stopped altogether, and the grass began to grow shorter before them, the longer beds being down to their right where the land sloped down, and they here and there caught the glint of water.

Yes, there, look; those must be ducks. It is certainly wetter down to the right there, and the grass longer. He was quite right, for by bearing off a little they found at the end of about half-a-mile that their progress had grown more and more easy, the grass now only reaching to their stirrup-irons, while away further to their left it was shorter still, looking quite lawn-like in the distance. Every one present had already been put on the qui vive by a quick rustling in front, followed by a loud whirring sound, as some half-a-dozen birds, which they had evidently been driving before them through the long grass in which they had kept out of sight, had now found themselves too much exposed in the shorter herbage and taken flight.

I dare say, though, that we could get a shot at them some other day. Might perhaps as we come back. The next few minutes were spent in sweeping the country round, and in a very short time they were pretty well acquainted with their position. For right away forward and to their left the grass grew shorter and shorter for a couple of miles, till it looked more than ever like some lawn whose soft green grew greyer and greyer till it was of a dull shimmering white. I thought it was from riding so fast.

Our course is plain enough—to keep along here at the edge of the great plain where the grass is short and the ground firm. We are on a dividing line between the bad land and the rich park-like patches and the pools and swamp. This ought to take us into the valley yonder and to one of those hills where we can camp in what must be a good hunting country.

They cantered on, drawing rein now and then to breathe their horses, to find that the desert land with its quivering layer of air grew more clearly marked on one side, the country more beautiful and park-like, diversified by hill and dale, on the other, and away in front the mighty peak looking as distant as ever, but with its features more plainly defined. Twice over they came to a halt, the first time being at the edge of a narrow lake which resembled a piece cut off from a tolerably wide river, whose ends had been filled up by the growth of reeds.

Noon was long past, but the air was so fresh and invigorating and their level track so easy to follow, that the doctor decided upon pushing on again for another couple of hours, before making a final halt for refreshment, and then turning back. This final stoppage was beneath a clump of fairly grown trees whose boughs formed a goodly shade from the westering sun, and all revelled in the beauty of the view forward as they partook of their scanty meal.

The journey for the mules will be easy enough if we bear more to the left, and they ought to get up here by night. But, as Wilton had suggested, now that they wanted something in the way of game, nothing was to be seen, and they were fully half-way back and the evening coming on fast, but with the moon well up ready to give its light as the sun went down, before there was a fair chance.

They had seen partridges again, and sent a flock of ducks skimming over the reeds, but in both cases they had risen far out of shot. It proved to be good advice, for about half-an-hour later, when they had been compelled by the thickness of the growth to proceed at a walk, Griggs, who was in front, suddenly turned in his saddle.

The evolution was made, and the six ponies went steadily on through the dense growth with a loud rustling sound, while from time to time a glimpse was obtained of the waving green surface being agitated not far in front, plainly showing that they were driving something before them. There was a quick movement amongst the party, every head being lowered—every one stooping a little to peer over the level top of the grass, to see as it were a panorama of black figures moving along a golden band, a party of some thirty or forty mounted Indians walking their ponies in single file, as if going in the same direction as the explorers, and not a quarter of a mile away.

But all this was momentary. Mind, no one is to fire till I give the order, and then all together. Give them the right-hand barrels, loaded with shot, a scattering volley right into the midst. That ought to scare them and make them turn about and gallop off. The next minute all was made clear, for the line of Indians advanced obliquely towards the long grass till the leading man came almost in touch a couple of hundred yards in advance, when all at once there was the wild whirr of wings, and about a couple of dozen great birds sprang into the air.

The next instant there was a peculiar dull twanging sound, followed by the fall of heavy bodies, a wild yell, and the galloping off of the enemy out into the open after the retreating flock. This done, amidst a good deal of grinning and gabbling perfectly incomprehensible to the listeners, the Indians mounted again and sat gazing with shaded eyes across the grassy plain, till, apparently satisfied of the direction their companions had taken, one of them uttered a deep-toned Hugh!

They had no suspicion of our being near. He did not wait for an answer to his question, but forced his way through the grass towards the spot whence the sound had come. Six birds out of one flock, with bows and arrows too. I say, Ned, look at this arrow. Gone right through the neck. We might go on now slowly if we keep in the thick grass. But I say, Griggs, you ought to begin picking one of the birds at once, so as to be ready when we get back. Nice trail for the brutes to follow. The stars were beginning to glitter too, and pool after pool was passed which looked as if it were dotted with points of light.

It was a glorious ride, and not without incident. Wherever there was water the fowl which frequented the marshy pools could be heard feeding, and the wild cries of the animals which haunted the far-spreading plain came frequently to the ear, while the sharp yelping barks, or the long, low-drawn wails like those of jackals and the dismally weird snapping shout of the prairie wolf came plainly from far away where the salt bush was known to be plentiful.

Every now and then too some owl came hawking by on silent wing, fixing its great eyes upon one or other of the party as it swooped past. Twice over Griggs paused in doubt as to their course, for the crushed-down grass trampled by the ponies was at times hard to trace in the moonlight; but he was not long in picking up the trail again, and at last the camp was reached, with everything looking just as it had been left that morning, while the mules were still grazing, apparently as hungry as ever, though a little closer observation proved they were picking and choosing amongst the youngest and juiciest twigs.

He said that no fire was to be lit to-night, and that we must all make shift with a bite of what we left in camp this morning. But that was not the only disappointment, for as soon as the ponies had been unsaddled and freed from their bits, to be turned loose for a roll and graze, Griggs, who had been to examine the provender, came back to announce that there was none to examine. It was horribly disappointing in their hungry and weary state, but it was no time for finding fault.

There, lie down and sleep. Whoever has the morning watch will wake you up to a good fire and such a breakfast as will make up for your cold water supper. What are you going to do? But what do you want to say to him? Chris hesitated for a moment or two, and then promised unwillingly, the boys following the American softly to where the heavy breathing of three sleepers could be plainly heard. There, now lie down and get your own share. Now then, no more talking.

Will you? Well rolled up, both of you? Griggs did not speak then, but stood with his rifle-butt upon the ground and his hands resting on the muzzle for a few minutes, before he began to shake. Then after a pause, during which he had been slowly and watchfully gazing about him in every direction, his thoughts came back to the sleepers at his feet. Not a bit of sham in it. It will be the doctor who does that. It was the doctor, and directly after—at least, so it seemed to Chris, who opened his eyes to stare at his father, and then at the fire crackling and smoking in a sheltered spot among the nearest bushes and trees.

Now then, go and have a wash, and then come and help me do some cooking. Be sharp. Now: off! There was bread-cake, too, in the hot ashes, and water boiling in the big tin, ready for the tea to be thrown in, and very soon afterwards the whole party were restoring strength over as delicious a breakfast as could fall to the lot of hungry men and boys, who never once troubled themselves at the want of milk, a table, or chairs. Half-an-hour later the little train was steadily advancing, the mules making light of their loads, and proving by their playfulness—which took the form of a disposition to bite or kick every one of their fellows within reach—that they were thoroughly rested, refreshed, and ready for as much work as would be demanded of their sturdy legs.

A sharp lookout was kept to their left over the open country as the leading mule was steered, as he called it, by Griggs, close in to the high grass, which acted as a screen against which they would have been hardly seen; but nothing alarming appeared in the distance, and no footprints of man and horse other than their own in the soft soil showed that any enemy had crossed their trail to make for the hunting-grounds to their right. But night came on ere the slow pace of the laden mules had covered the distance the explorers had got over by the previous afternoon, and there the little caravan was guided right into a sheltered valley to the borders of an elongated pool, where, well hidden from the plain, preparations were made for their next camp.

Distance is illusive in the clear atmosphere of high mountain lands, and it took two days longer than had been calculated before a position well upon the slope of the giant peak was reached—a grand shelf, covered with verdure close to where a sparkling stream gushed out of a patch of rocks and made a leap of fully a hundred feet down into a rift, along which it gurgled musically beneath a rainbow-like arch of ever-changing beauty on its way to the plain below. A more beautiful spot could not have been selected for the camp, presenting as it did shelter, shade, a comprehensive view of the country for probably a hundred miles round, and of the valleys that ran down and opened out from the mountain side into the plains, so that the presence of enemies could be made out and favourable parts selected for finding game.

Besides, do you know how it would be if you climbed higher? This is not the right part. What about you then? We shall have travelled half over America and seen plenty of the country. There it goes. Why, you mean wool, Griggs. I say, Griggs, how lucky! Is that a grizzly? If either of them came smelling after the mules or ponies of course it would be a different thing. Now then, lend me the glass. The binocular was handed to him, and while the two lads stood watching the woodland patch where the bear had disappeared, in expectation of its coming into sight again, the American stood sweeping the horizon and then bringing the glass to bear upon the wondrous view in every direction where he could bring mountain, valley, hill, and plain into the field of the glass.

He had turned slowly till he was gazing in the direction from which they had come, leaving what looked like a band of deep green, to bring the glass to bear upon the pale ash-coloured desert part, which rapidly brightened into silvery grey, and from that became like the sea, half-hidden by a soft haze which died away into the sky-line.

Quite ten minutes must have passed away, the boys having been too much occupied with the bear to heed their companion, when Ned said in a disappointed tone—. Here, try the glass. He handed the binocular to the boy, who looked but could see nothing till his companion had given him a hint or two to follow an imaginary line upward from one of the eminences below.

Just like a cloud-shadow in the glistening, heaving plain, and moving slowly. That must be it, I think. He caught the glass and took a long look at the dimly-seen distant patch on the plain, to cry decisively without lowering the instrument—. Why, they must be miles away. I should never have seen them. What eyes you have, Griggs! Try again, and see whether you can see buffalo. Come down, quick. The news they had to carry was too important to admit of delay, and the little party hurried down to camp, where fortunately as soon as the doctor had brought the glass to bear he was able to announce that the Indians were not visible from the sheltered nook that had been chosen on account of the trees and rocks around.

The enemy are miles away yet. What do you say to the boys taking the glass up higher? The two lads started at once, eager to undertake the task like men, but in five minutes they were back like boys. The doctor uttered a low angry sound which had he been a dog would have been called a growl, before saying firmly—. Off with you. Chris was silent, and involuntarily he touched both of his cheeks, as if to feel whether they were as hot outside as they were in. He found them hotter, and they grew hotter still by the time they had reached their lookout, creeping to it during the last fifty yards and keeping behind stones and bushes and every other bit of cover in their way.

I shall be able to rub it out directly. There, focus the glass and look out. Pull out the sunshades. It is bad. Chris nodded and grunted, and then went on examining every part of the plain below, but without result, and he thought and muttered to himself the while. Now, I wonder where those red niggers are. I wish I could see them. He lay stretched out on his chest, slowly moving the glass so that he could sweep the edge of the plain; but the time went on, and the mounted party might, after all, have been a cloud-shadow for all the sign that he could see, and at last he began to grow weary and think of whistling to Ned to come up to him.

But you ought to be able to see the enemy. Have you looked well? For answer Chris began to shuffle himself back, moving on hands and toes till he was level with Ned. Of course. Here, you catch hold and have a good look yourself. Catch hold, I say. Chris made the object-glass of the binocular describe the segment of a circle, and then after another look he gave vent to a long, low whistle. He was not long in doubt as to what was to be done, for the doctor gave his orders at once, all hands setting to work to drive in the mules, which were rapidly loaded up, Chris being sent back to rejoin Ned and return from time to time with any news worth communication.

Camp that night there was none. There was a short halt or two, but they journeyed on for mile after mile by moonlight, and it was not till morning was well advanced towards mid-day that a suitable gully was found, offering all they needed in the way of water and pasturage, joined to a good lookout place for danger, which could only come to them from below, while the travellers had opened out to them an entirely fresh panorama of mountain and plain, any portion of which might contain the object for which they aimed.

Griggs was combining the duties of watch and cook; the animals were grazing contentedly; the rest of the party were sleeping just where they had wearily thrown themselves down after their long journey—all save Ned. He had woke up a few minutes before, to sit staring about him, wondering where he was, and with a vague notion in his head that the setting sun, whose horizontal rays were searching the gully to its deepest depth and staining the sky with the most glorious tints wherever they could rest upon a fleecy cloud, was rising, and that the odour that saluted his nostrils was given off by the breakfast cakes.

Griggs was busy raking the glowing ashes over one of those cakes, and as he did not seem to hear, Ned glanced at where Chris lay with his head upon a doubled-up blanket, and repeated his question, which this time brought forth a reply. I was puzzled at first. I thought it was morning.

It all comes through lying down at such an unnatural time. Are they nearly done, Griggs? Will you come? This was to Ned, who rose at once, and they walked off together towards where a little stream came gurgling and splashing down from the heights above. I know I shall go off like a top. But I say, look at the sky and those fir-trees up there. It keeps changing so fast too, that the black shadows seem to move. It was just as if something was creeping about under the boughs. If it had been it would have scared the mules and ponies. Now then for that water.

Ned was quite right. The water had come tumbling down from somewhere high up the peak, and felt quite icy as they lay down upon their faces amongst the stones and scooped it up out of a little moss-grown rock-pool for a few minutes, before rising up to dry their faces, feeling bright and elastic once more and wonderfully ready for the evening meal, the preparations for which sent forth another scent far more attractive than that which came from the ferns which grew in every crevice of the rocks, and the pines whose aromatic resin shed a fainter perfume now that the heat of the sun had died away.

So beautiful was the soft gloom in the valley, so delicious the warm glow above, about the summit of the peak, that every one looked content and dreamy, as they sat almost in silence about the camp-fire and partook of their welcome repast. Then changing the subject, he turned to Griggs. One would like to settle here, for some things. No, sir. I was going to say precious useful, when you cut me short. I could see it stretching away to the horizon from one point we passed to-day. I could see nothing else but one vast alkali plain.

Have you anything more to say against the plan, Wilton? I should like to stop and shoot and explore. The place is lovely. Nothing I should like better than to stop about here if Mr Lo! Then now for a good rest. This moss will feel like feather-beds to-night. My word, how dark it has grown while we have been talking! Good-night, every one. Five minutes later he was quite, and the rest, saving the watch, were rapidly following his example, the only sounds heard being the distant hoot of an owl, the musical trickling of falling water, and the crop, crop of the grazing beasts.

It was between two long pieces of rock, a narrow passage which, after taking the axe to lop them off, he filled full of aromatic pine branches. These lay close and were elastic and yielding. He pauses to consider his own story. You really had a knowing of what the fuck you were? Dissatisfied with life in Los Angeles, the Phoenixes moved back to Florida, settling in Gainesville, and River bought the family a ranch in Costa Rica.

River began tutoring his younger brother about cinema. And Woody Allen comedies. Not long after, he recalls his brother making a strange prediction. When he was 16, Phoenix says, he was sent a dead frog in the mail to dissect for his biology studies, which prompted him to discontinue his studies. Phoenix says that he and his siblings were not frequent denizens of clubs like the Viper Room.

His brother had gone there in , and reportedly stayed in hopes of playing music. The family grieved in private for months. The casting assistant on the film, Meredith Tucker, still says his audition was the best she has ever seen. He has a primal power that radiates vulnerability and a kind of tragic presence. Smoking a cigarette on the shaded patio behind his home, his dogs running in and out of the dog door, he considers his response to those inquiries over the years.

Nonetheless, his role as Cash defined him as an actor with an uncanny power to subsume himself in a role. At all. But the topic of River remains sensitive. Not even Phillips, who became good friends with Phoenix over the course of making Joker, ever felt comfortable enough to bring it up. He understood her need to communicate her experience. But he considers the entertainment value of maintaining the ruse. To this day, some people believe he went through a personal meltdown a few years ago. Phoenix says his lawyers advised him not to discuss the allegations against Affleck, who settled the suits in Last year, Phoenix told Xan Brooks from The Guardian that he was sympathetic to victims of power imbalances and expressed regret at not having been more vocal about abuses of power he witnessed in the past.

Three or four years. Nowadays the line between fiction and reality has never been more porous. Phillips is sensitive but fatalistic about the topic of copycat violence. When he took on the role, Phoenix says, he had to determine whether he could bring complexity and humanity to an ostensibly evil person. It allows us to feel good if we can identify that as evil. Or whatever it may be.

Whatever issues you may have. This malevolent person. I think that we are capable as an audience to see both of those things simultaneously and experience them and value them. These films? The experience of making this movie. It was incredible that I found another one. There was the insecurity of making the movie and the insecurity of promoting it. After filming the Cash movie, about the alcohol- and drug-addicted country star, Phoenix famously went into real-life rehab.

Then he lapsed, in Venice. Because I know that I have meaning in other parts of my life. I enjoy it. I love my life. I fucking love my life. Looking for more?

These frogs and toads run the gamut of beautiful, odd and even deadly. Prepare to be amazed!

If Dr. A Lion, an Ass, and a Fox were hunting in company, and caught a large quantity of game. Everything was fresh, and this first start had ended the monotonous drudgery of their unsatisfactory life at the plantation. Slinking, sliding, slithering slyly, Swiftly slipping through the grasses shyly, Silent but for swish and hiss Is the sinuous snake's leglessness. Colliding, colt riding cowboys, combining colliding while gliding at night coinciding in their fight. They must all have holes somewhere here among the stones. His friends include the human vet, a fairy, and a giant.

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