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Special emphasis will be laid on the characters Nancy and Bonnie Clutter — on Nancy, because she seems to be the epitome of the all American girl, and on Bonnie, because she is the only family member who does not quite seem to fit into the society that surrounds her.

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It will be seen that both characters have come to be and stay the way they are because they are aware of the various constant gazes that rest upon them. The analysis of Dick and Perry will illustrate and compare their underlying motives and reasons for the killings in close connection with an analysis of their character traits and their lives prior to the killings as presented in In Cold Blood. Although they do not necessarily realize it, for both the Clutters and their murderers the pursuit of the riches the American Dream seems to have in stock is a decisive driving force.

It will be shown that the Dream keeps the Clutter family and Dick and Perry maximally apart, leading to a catastrophic clash when the two ends of the scale created by the Dream collide. The extreme conflict of interest that arises for Capote as a result of these two sides that pull him in opposite directions will be laid open, very much in relation to the question whether Capote, as he is presented in the biopic, actually has a chance of being true to himself, of living without betraying one of the two sides that define him.

Hollowell During this time, Capote strove to find the precise technique and style that would allow him to realize his idea of the nonfiction novel, an idea he had harbored for more than 20 years cf. Capote in Plimpton 2. Much the way he would later handle In Cold Blood , Capote pays close attention to the physical setting of the scenes he writes about in Duke and Muses ; he uses flashbacks and chapter overlapping; and while adhering to novelistic style, his goal is to keep only to the facts cf. Hollowell 66f. Nuttall Capote seems to have shared this impression. Yurick While all of the authors cited by the critics do base their accounts on real events, none of them, as opposed to Capote, claim to adhere only to the facts or to present the reader with nothing but the truth.

Indeed, In Cold Blood was an immediate bestseller garnering more than two hundred reviews in alone cf. Stanton bibliography I would sit there hushed with admiration. Crosby One thing that becomes clear is that In Cold Blood is not easily classifiable. Phillips Hollowell and Nance think that Levin, who calls his book a historical or documentary novel, is more forthright about the genre problem. Both critics say that Capote could have easily placed his book in similarly less provocative categories cf.

Hollowell 84, Nance Currently, however, In Cold Blood is in fact considered one of the seminal works in the development of New Journalism, a widely recognized genre that evolved in the s and peaked in the late s and 70s. Tonn When Capote started challenging genre conventions, he and other New Journalists were not the only ones to do so. Galloway The people did not look much like the people he described Garrett The two most detailed and most revealing close looks at the quality of the truth in In Cold Blood are studies by Tompkins and De Bellis.

Tompkins Tompkins records a host of such details which in the reality of the documents he inspected differed from how Capote describes them. Tompkins , De Bellis takes a different approach: he inspects two different versions of In Cold Blood : the book had first appeared serialized in The New Yorker , and then ten weeks later in book form, published by Random House.

During those ten weeks, Capote and his editors made nearly 5, changes. While many changes only involve spelling, punctuation or choice of vocabulary, De Bellis also presents a considerable number of changes that concern official records, interviews and letters cf.

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De Bellis A number of factual changes were made as well; brand names and names of places were altered cf. De Bellis f. The fact that Capote misrepresents the sides of the body on which the killers had their tattoos suggests that Capote must have simply been unaware of some mistakes cf.

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Mailer Guidance comes in the form of subliminal hints: facial gestures, hand movements denoting approval or disapproval, the very diction of questioning conditions and cues Yurick Zavarzadeh The harshest and most frequent criticism In Cold Blood has been faced with is of a type quite contrary to the criticism that has been presented in this paper so far. Essentially, this criticism moans that Capote fails to take a stand on his material and that In Cold Blood cannot claim to be a nonfiction novel , because the essence of the work of a novelist is a lack of objectivity.

This means […] that he cannot approach the profound inquiring psychological insights into the psychopath and his victims attained by Musil in his study of Moosbrugger or Dostoevsky Tanner McAleer writes:.

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McAleer ff. In addition to adding characters, settings etc.

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He can leave out and eliminate parts of the world he uses as a model to suggest a larger truth. Capote chooses to leave himself out of the world he describes, although he is by no means an unimportant character in it. One of the most interesting aspects of In Cold Blood is the way Capote worked on the book. Initially, he had wanted to travel to Holcomb just for a few days in order to write a contribution for The New Yorker.

In the end, Capote would spend almost six years, the time that passed between the Clutter killings and the execution of Smith and Hickock, frequently traveling back and forth between New York and Kansas. He would interview virtually everybody who had anything to do with the case: police, neighbors, townspeople, friends and family of both the Clutters and Smith and Hickock. Dupee 3. But most critics go one step further. Garrett Later in his career, in an apparent attempt to revive the celebrated success of In Cold Blood , Capote also takes to this approach, putting himself at the center of Handcarved Coffins Capote Capote Capote himself Trilling Hollwell In Cold Blood exemplifies effects and side effects of the American Dream, as detailed below.

Many critics have granted In Cold Blood the status of a novel less for its ability to suggest and extend but for the dramatic power created by Capote through novelistic techniques and stylistic devices. There are countless omniscient interruptions in In Cold Blood. Just as Dickens creates narrators who are the omniscient Gods of his universe, Capote installs an omniscient narrator. Wolfe On the surface, the way the story details are arranged in In Cold Blood is relatively straightforward.

The book consists of four titled parts, all of which are approximately 75 pages of length and contain around 20 unnamed chapters. Capote assembled these chapters in a process of montage. Therefore, he had to think of form and formal relations in advance cf.

A news reporter, she tags along wherever Reed is investigating a case until she became a target as well. The two books that comprise this series are all set in San Francisco. The two books revolve around members of the Cahill family, who seemed to be the target of a serial killer.

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The three books in this series are different from the other books. They are set in Wales and they talk about dark powers prevalent in this land during the medieval times. This is another set of three books with titles featuring a jewel.

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